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Hyatt McIntyre

by Giulio Caroletti

9th Nuwmont 978, Caerdwicca, Thyatian Isle of Dawn.
History: Hyatt McIntyre was born in Caerdwicca, on the Isle of Dawn, illegitimate son of an alcoholic impoverished nobleman and a cousin of Uthgard McRhoomag. Hyatt started his adventuring career at 14, when he left for the mainland. He left Thyatis after having tried, with little or no success, the thief career, and became a brigand in the north-western forests of the Empire. Given the collapse of his group (AC 999), and with a reward for his head in Thyatis, he left heading for Selenica, but was caught by a pack of werewolves while he was fleeing, alone. Robbed of everything and left bleeding to death in the woods of eastern Darokin, Hyatt was saved by orcs, who tended his wounds only to bring him to their camp to torture him and then eat him. Unfortunately, the full moon manifested himself and turned him into a werewolf, and he killed all the orcs of the band. Hyatt was confused by his new powers, but they changed him apparently for the better. He became a more ponderative man, and tried to study history and geography, living for some time in Selenica, and then moving to Akorros in AC 1001, always alternating his studying periods to adventures. In Akorros, Hyatt met and became a friend of Ramsey and Kull, and for two years he adventured with them before meeting Buzby and Weston in AC 1004, when they adventured for the first time together under the guide of Harold Boar. Since then, he has dedicated himself to adventures and to his wife Shona, who is not aware of his lycanthropy and who bore him a human son in AC 1008. He still lives in Akorros with her.

Personality: Hyatt is a cynical man who is mostly uncaring of the consequences of his actions on society, although he tries to follow a personal moral code: in adventures, do not harm innocent people, and accept only missions that will harm members of the Known World's upper classes. Apart from this, he is a solitary man who spends most of his time studying ancient history of the Known World, and walking in the mountains searching for interesting geological features - he loves geology and geography. He seems to be a calm and controlled person, although he seems a little too indifferent to the world around him. He is quite sympathetic toward strangers, and even if he is a solitary man, he acts always politely when in company. Sometimes he drinks a beer too much, but even in those situations he never talks about his past and his adventures. Kull is probably his only true friend.

Appearance: Hyatt is about 1,75 meters of height, with light brown hair, kept short, a short beard, blue eyes and not too muscled, but extremely quick and reactive. He dresses usually in a good-fashioned way, but dislikes jewels and other decorations. Often he dresses only in one colour, and likes brown and blue especially.

Stats (OD&D, AC 1010):
Werewolf 7th - Fighter 12th.
Str 12, Int 16, Wis 14, Dx 18, Con 10, Cha 14 Alignment: Neutral.