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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Sea Giants, Patron of Alchemy

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 15th (Celestial), NG, Time
Symbol: a cauldron
Portfolio: sea giants, water and liquids, alchemy, wisdom, revelry
Worshipped in: Isle of Dawn (Helskir), Known World (Northern Reaches), Norwold (Frosthaven), seas of the north
Appearance: a fat sea giant of about four metres, with bluish and partly scaled skin, long black hair and moustache, a fat belly and a ruddy nose that is testimony to his love of libations, wearing a simple blue tunic and with a friendly and outdated air.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: Hymir was a sea giant that lived in the Western Sea of Dawn during the time of the Northmen heroes. Famous for being an excellent alchemist as well as a wise and good-natured individual, many aquatic creatures sought refuge or counsel with him, taking his reputation to the four corners of the sea. One day, following a squall, Hymir found among the remains of a boat the dying body of a human and with his good heart took him into his cavern and used his knowledge to nurse him. Great was the astonishment of the survivor, no less than Thor, when he noticed that he was being helped by a giant, a race that he scorned with all his heart, but after having known Hymir better, understood that he was worthy of trust and he swore eternal gratitude. Thor had immediately a way of repaying him when an army of devilfish invaded the Western Sea of Dawn and threatened to enslave the peoples. Recalled by Hymir, Thor was one with him for fighting this underwater threat, and the two heroes travelled wide and far, either by land or by sea, for saving the marine races, succeeding at last to annihilate the horde of devilfish thanks to a potion prepared by Hymir with his Smoking Cauldron made more famous however by the libations it produced for celebrating with Thor than for any other). Thor then became Immortal and Hymir then followed in the XV century BC, after having created his own kingdom among the seas of the north and being able to protect it according to the rules of the Path of the Dynast.
Personality: Hymir is a very intelligent and reflective individual, given of great respect for life and knowledge, but doesnít hesitate to throw great celebrations, being also a lover of entertainments and of libations in particular. To him it is to heart the salvation and the preservation of the sea and itís inhabitants, and is passionate by the mysteries of alchemy and of the element of water in general. His only stable ally is Thor (who considers him the only trustworthy giant), while not able to collaborate with his own mentor Protius, solitary and grumpy, or with Gorrziok (other patron of sea giants), whose arrogance and mercurial nature often leaves him morose, even if non of them are actual enemies.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Protius]
Allies: Thor
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Neutral
Favourite weapon: none (allowed all piercing weapons)
Clericsí skills and powers: +1 bonus to Wisdom, free prepare drink skill, +2 bonus to alchemy, first aid and cooking (not free)
Domains: Time, Good, Water, Sea
Preferred weapon: long spear
Source: Master and Immortal set