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Adventure ideas - Working Against Hytiliaph

by John Calvin

Most adventurers count their number among the good and the just. Even so, there are several reasons why such people might come into conflict with the dragon Hytiliaph and his allies.


The party is involved in the discovery of artifacts created by the Lost Nation. Perhaps while under the employment of an advanced research institute (the Great School of Glantri, etc...) the party learns of an ancient stronghold of the Lost Nation. The only problem is that the ancient stronghold is currently occupied by a gold dragon and his Thyatian allies. The adventurers could try to persuade the dragon to share its knowledge (for which he will ask some service in return), or they could try to take what they want.


Hytiliaph and Demetrion are members of the Knights of the Air, and as such they rate pretty highly on the Alphatian's hit list. Add to that the vast magical knowledge that the dragon has accumulated in his lair, and it makes perfect sense for Alphatian agents to target it for plundering. Not only must they break into the lair and steal the artifacts within, they must get out and live to tell about it. If Hytiliaph is not dealt with, then the Alphatians will have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.


Duplicity. For some Thyatians this is the air that they breath and the food and drink that they consume. Hytiliaph is powerful, and he has the ear of the Imperial magistrate. Not all Thyatians find this to be a comforting fact. Perhaps a senator, or wealthy merchant will hire the party to infiltrate the lair and determine what exactly it is that goes on there. Perhaps some unscrupulous individual hires the PCs to kidnap Hyphanif in order to demand a ransom from the young dragon's grandsire (ok, these PCs could hardly be considered good...).


The party hears that Ixion is planning to forge some kind of alliance with Hytiliaph. Since they worship a rival deity, their leaders have asked them to infiltrate the lair and put a stop to Ixion's plans. Perhaps they are sent to forge their own alliance with the dragon, or perhaps they are sent simply to disrupt his plans.


Another way that adventurers might become involved with Hytiliaph is by working for him (wither directly or indirectly).


The party has had some success at uncovering secrets from the age of the Lost Nation and Hytiliaph has heard of their exploits. He has decided that it is time he explore the sealed off areas of his lair and figures that the PCs are just the right people to help him do that. The dragon will give the PCs all of the details he has been able to discover, but still they are in for a few surprises. Hytiliaph will claim most of the treasure that they recover, but will compensate them justly for their efforts.


If the party is in the service of the Thyatian military (or a member of the Royal Air Force, or Knights of the Air) they may see some service in and around Ancepes Trigeminus. Hytiliaph has quite a network of informants and keeps up to date on the movements of Alphatian agents around the empire. Using this knowledge the PCs can be sent to foil nearly any Alphatian plot that is brewing in the Known World and beyond.


The Sun God has sent his servants to forge an alliance with the powerful dragon Hytiliaph. Hytiliaph is only too happy to gather new allies, but he is slow to place his trust. Before gaining his confidence, the PCs must perform several tasks for the dragon and his Thyatian allies. These tasks could include taking on local threats to the area and journeying to the planes and beyond.


The culmination to any plotline dealing with Hytiliaph should be an assault against the Blackheart wizard who killed his son and captured his daughter. Hytiliaph plans on gathering a force together that he feels is strong enough to make such an assault and guarantee the safe return of his daughter. This should come to a head during the Wrath War. Thyatis will already be at war with Alphatia and so Hytiliaph need have no fear of causing an international incident. He and Demetrion will coordinate their assault with other Thyatian military leaders, and will try to time it when it will be most effective.