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Icereach Domains

The Icereach domains are those nations located in the area dominated by the Icereach Range, which marks the westernmost border of Norwold. It is a rough and inhospitable region with heights reaching 1,800', especially in the northern area, where the pair of volcanoes called the Arch of Fire is located. For this reason all of the major dominions have been founded south of the great lake called Lake Alinor, where the weather is milder and the dangers are less abundant. It is to be noted however, that even the southern area is not without dangers, since west lies the inhospitable Kingdom of Denagoth and east tower the peaks of the Wyrmsteeth.

ARCADIA (Barony of)
ARCH OF FIRE (Efreet Kingdom)
CHEVAS (Baronie de)
LAKE (Barony of the)