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Icevale (Elf-Lands of)

Location: Continent of Iciria, Hollow World.

Area: 216,160 sq. mi. (559,855 sq. km.)

Population: 100,000 (5,500 in Argandir).

Languages: Elvish (Icevale dialect), Neathar, Antalian, Beastman.

Coinage: Sol (gp), lun (sp), ston (cp).

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Monarchy (heavily influenced by clan leaders).

Industries: Trapping, logging, leather goods, brewing.

Important Figures: Rollodir (King, elf, male, F12), Bergeya (Queen, elf, female, M13).

Flora and Fauna: With its frigid arctic mountainous clime, the region boasts a sizeable population of creatures normally found therein. Moose, bears, reindeer, beavers, foxes, and wolves are the most obvious. More dangerous beasts such as white dragons can also be found.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Dellebram.

The Icevale Elves live in a frigid mountain environment. As an elven populace, Alphatia has a vested interest in establishing relations with them. So far, imperial observations have been carried out from a distance and by second-hand accounts.

The Land

The region that the Icevale lay claims to is one of rolling mountains with an arctic climate. Dense ageless forests cover the entire region. The elves have established a multitude of settlements throughout these lands, each having a population between 100 to 1,000. Of all of the communities, Argandir is its largest and is its capital. The city can be found upon a gentle slope of Mount Argan.

The People

The Icevale are strong and hardy elves. Standing a bit taller and having fairer complexions, they do deviate from their surface world brethren. Most have blond hair and either blue or green eyes. Also, they frequently don clothes made of fur and leather. The elves have thrived in the cold mountains, living in log home communities and making their living hunting, trapping and logging. A hearty people they entertain themselves with competitive activities such as dogsled races, archery meets, brewing contests, and ski races. In many ways, the Icevale are comparative to an elven version of the surface world's Northern Reaches. Like people from that region, the Icevale venerate the Immortals Fredar (Frey), Fredara (Freyja), Wotan (Odin), and Donar (Thor) as their patrons. Some revere Ordana and Ilsundal, however they are not prevalent.

Recent History

The Icevale have their historical ties with the massive elven migration underground, back when members of their race activated a volatile Blackmoorian artifact. These years of subterranean refuge saw the Icevale making their way to the Hollow World. There, the Icevale made their way to and established themselves within their cold environment. They have often clashed with the Antalians and Beastmen, but on the level to be considered as threatening. Otherwise they tend to trade with these two peoples.

Don't Miss

There is a strange beauty in the cold mountain wildernesses, which only direct observation can do justice to. The wooden walled capital city of Argandir is also impressive, in a simple rustic way. And one simply must try to attend some of their competitions. The more hearty and adventurous may find their nature quite palatable. A more interesting site may be the active volcano, Mount Svelthys; lore tells of strange creatures, called fire dwarves, which supposedly reside in its interior.

Do Miss

Cold and rather backwards by Alphatian standards, the Icevale offer few creature comforts. A rough and tumble lot, weakling visitors should best avoid the Icevale. One should also remember that these are elves and view things differently than humans.