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Icevale (Elf-Lands of)

Location: Northern mountains of the continent of Iciria, east of the Midworld Gate, north of the Neathar lands, south of the Beastman Wastes. HW

Area: 216,160 sq. mi. (559,855 sq. km.).

Population: 102,000 elves living in clans of 100 to 1,000, including the town of Tuathar (pop. 5,600).

Languages: Elvish (Icevale dialect), Neathar.

Coinage: Sol (gp), lun (sp), ston (cp).

Taxes: Levies of funds, in-kind products, and labour on an ad hoc basis when needed.

Government Type: Monarchy influenced by clan leaders.

Industries: Furs and leather products exchanged for food, wine and precious metals.

Important Figures: Rollodir (King), Bergeya (Queen).

Flora and Fauna: With its frigid arctic mountainous clime, the region boasts a sizeable population of creatures normally found therein. Moose, bears, reindeer, beavers, foxes, and wolves are the most obvious. More dangerous beasts such as white dragons can also be found.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.