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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Magic and Scholarship, Patron of Medicine

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 18th (Celestial), N, Energy
Symbol: a golden belt
Portfolio: magic, knowledge, medicine, alchemy, strategy
Worshipped in: Known World (Thyatis), Ochalea
Appearance: a typical dark-skinned Arab, with a well kept black goatee and short hair, a penetrating and extremely searching look, wearing a white turban on his head, a snug red tunic with gathered sleeves, generous white pantaloons gathered at the calf, a pair of slippers decorated with precious gems and a bejewelled jambiya (Ylari dagger) hanging from a wide golden belt that encircles his waist.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: Idraote was a powerful mage who was born on Laterre (in the Dimension of Myth) during the XII century BC, in the period of religious crusade. During an experiment for summoning a creature from the infernal planes something went wrong, and instead of summoning a demon, was catapulted into a magic maelstrom that left him on Mystara, right in the peninsula of Tel Akbir of the II century BC. Finding himself again in a environment very similar to his original land, he very soon found that for gaining a position of power it was necessary to gain the assistance of the native Alasiyans, playing on their hostility to the invaders of that time, the Alphatians, that had only just conquered the lands of Thyatis and Ylaruam. With patience Idraote learnt the rituals of Alphatian magic using subterfuge and his magic, and became the head of a secret sect to which he taught the magic traditions of his world and the secrets that he’d extracted from the Alphatians, created a hidden network of rebels. It was thus that when Lucinius Trezantembium (a Thyatian mage educated by the Alphatian occupiers) designed the rebellion from Alphatia; Idraote offered his support and in the shadow his aid to face the powerful magic of the Alphatians thanks to his adepts. Following the liberation of Thyatis nevertheless, Idraote was contacted by General Tatriokanitas, who convinced him to ally with him for gaining control of Thyatis, promising substantial donations for creating a school of Thyatian magic at his command (space that Trezantembium was not certainly intending to offer). Idraote therefore participated in the murder of the rulers gathered to Thyatis in the year zero, supporting the first emperor of Thyatis in his climb to power and became (with the disappearance of Trezantembium) the most powerful mage of the whole region. Thus making Idraote started the path towards Immortality, that he achieved in the Sphere of Energy in the II century AC, after having founded the University of Biazzan and the Collegium Arcanum, bringing to Thyatis his advanced scientific and magic knowledge (that established the basis of the studies of the University of Biazzan), created a belt with astonishing powers (afterwards given as a gift to the niece Armida by Idraote in one of his last visits to Laterre) and formed the fabled Valley of Wisdom, which is still today talked about in Ochalese legends.
Personality: Presently Idraote is the patron of magic and battle magic in the lands of the Thyatian Empire, but is also worshipped for his immense knowledge (a legacy of his Laterran schooling) as patron of science and in a special way medicine and alchemy. He is obsessed by the possibility of revealing the mysteries of the universe and by the research of new spells for increasing the physical ability and the resistance of the mortal beings.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Ixion]
Allies: none
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Lawful or Neutral
Favourite weapon: none (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: power to instantly negate any spell (of maximum level equal to the maximum level the cleric can cast) once per day, +2 bonus to the skills divine magic, arcane magic and medicine (not free)
Domains: Energy, Magic, Healing, Knowledge
Preferred weapon: dagger
Source: Master and Immortal set