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Ierendi idea

by Bruce Heard

Ierendi -- example: the general idea behind the adventurer's capital (at least in the main island) is interesting. I would, however, like to see Ierendi play a greater role in the Known World community affairs of state. The most obvious that I would think of would be to create a professional expeditionary corp of mercenaries. The units would be specialised in the kinds of activities that are expected of your basic PCs (dragon slaying, vampire hunting, lycanthrope scouring, and other military-oriented commando actions), for a princely sum of course. The units are designed to be appealing to the nation rulers or other powerful nobility, taking over activities that your basic group of PC cannot handle. Picture this -- these guys are financed by Ierendi's royalty, they come with a warranty, and they can pull in major resources that individual PCs wouldn't dream of. Need fifteen armoured galleys to dislodge a major pirates' nest, no problem (it'll cost ya, but we got it). A hundred renegade dragons from the Wyrmsteeth Range are terrorising the northern provinces -- we got just what you need -- call in the airborne warriors. Where a handful heroes fail, scores of trained, experienced, and disciplined Ierendi professionals will surely succeed or your money back! You need it, we got it, on the land, on the seas, and in the air!

This may sound comical (it is), but it could become meaningful on the political arena (much like RW-American armed forces called in to settle some foreign dispute). Naturally, as the force grows and gains in experience (levels, magical equipment, siege weaponry, ships), its value goes up as well. Now, Ierendi could start taking sides for whatever reason, which would fuel potential problems. Naturally, Ierendi may want to negotiate for this army the acquisition of red steel equipment (see earlier post: Red Steel & Darokin). This is one rare instance where a nation actually could make a profit or at least break even while creating a military unit of professional and significant size, with a wide range of field expertise.