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Details of Ierendi

by Rick Aucoin

>>From my game currently in Ierendi. Maybe someone else can use these details as well. Will be posting more as I write it up for my campaign. Also have material already done for Alfheim Town, and some of the underground kingdom of the Shadowelves (campaign is currently 999AC) May post those if there is interest. These are mainly dialogue, designed to be read or paraphrased to the PCs as they encounter various locations.<<

Leaving the good ship Mawai and the docks behind, you walk to the place the wagons are awaiting you. Placing your baggage upon the floor and hopping in, you look about at Ierendi City as the wagon driver goads the burly oxen down the road.

The city seems fresh and clean compared to most; the streets are wide and the buildings no more than two floors high. Strange tropical trees grow here and there along the streets and in the many plazas. The wagon driver informs you that they are "Palm" trees when you ask, so the mystery of the name of the Resort you've arranged rooms at is finally solved.

Most of the buildings seem to be made of a porous stone, glaring white in the hot sun. Those that are made of wood are thatch-roofed and rustic.

The wagon comes to a halt before a large structure of the white stone, the Whispering Palms Resort.

Asking the driver about the stone he tells you it is called Coral, mined from under the sea and used here by those who can afford it. Looking at the tall walls of the Whispering Palms Resort you can see where your money is going, for the stonework is elaborate and the archways leading into the courtyard of the Resort are elaborate. At two hundred Royals for two nights, they should be able to afford to build from marble.

Your trunks are taken on small handcarts and you are lead into the main courtyard of the Resort. It seems to be a walled villa, two stories tall. All the rooms face inward to the gardened courtyard, fountains burbling among exotic and colourful plant life, with large multicoloured birds sitting upon elevated poles for additional decoration.

Following your luggage across the lavish courtyard to a counter where a young man in the light clothing of the island awaits. "Welcome to the Whispering Palms Resort! Just in from Karameikos, right? I can always tell, from the clothes you know. Now, if you can give me your receipt for payment on your rooms, we can get you out of the heat and into your rooms.

The boys pulling the handcarts with your luggage lead you from the front desk to a ramp leading up to the second floor rooms. Following the open air corridor around to the front side of the Resort, you are shown to the four rooms your party has been assigned. The rooms are airy, well lit and ventilated. Two large beds occupy each room and doors lead out onto a private balcony. After the boys unload your luggage into the rooms, they ask if there is anything else you need.