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Ierendi (Kingdom of)

Location: South of the Five Shires and Karameikos, west of the Minrothad Guilds.
Area: 17,240 sq. mi. (38,790 km2)
Population: 58,000 locals, plus as many as 20,000 visitors during the summer tourist months.
Languages: Thyatian Common (Darokinian dialect; for trade and tourist business), Makai (native language).
Coinage: Pali (10 gp), geleva (1 gp), sana (sp), and cokip (cp). All foreign currency is also accepted.
Taxes: Tourists must pay a 10% room tax wherever they stay, as well as a 5% sales tax on food. There is also a sales tax of 5% on everything else for both tourists and locals. Locals must pay a poll tax of 10 gp per person per year.
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy; power is held by elected members of noble families, while a king and queen act as figureheads for a year-long reign.
Industries: Tourism, fishing.
Important Figures: Reston of Akesoli (King, human, male, F16).
Flora and Fauna: There are not many monsters that can harm people found on the islands of Ierendi, with the exception of Safari Island which is purposefully populated with dangerous animals and monsters from all over the Old World. On the sea, pirates are the real danger. Sharks are rather common as well.
Further Reading: GAZ 4 - The Kingdom of Ierendi, AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3, and Joshuan's Almanac.

Description: by Joshuan Gallidox

Ah, the relaxing lands of Ierendi, known by everyone as the tourist capital of the world. And, I must admit that after spending several months there, I long to return. The trip was one of the most pleasant and comfortable ones I have ever taken during my years as a yallaren.

The Land

Ierendi is composed of a series of volcanic islands located on the southern edge of continental Brun. These beautiful islands are covered with lush, tropical rain forests with many colourful exotic animals and birds. The western shores of the various islands are rugged and steep, often containing numerous spectacular waterfalls or viewpoints. On the eastern side of the islands, almost every shore are long sandy beaches with wide sandy bays - ideal for swimming or just plain sitting in the sun. And the water is completely crystal clear and absolutely refreshing. And the water is never too cold thanks to the warm currents from the southwest.

Ten islands compose this nation. Each island has a speciality in terms of activities for the tourists. Well, eight of them do, anyway; the last two are strictly off limits to tourist and even to most natives. Of the most famous islands are Ierendi Island, Alcove Island, and Safari Island.

Ierendi is the largest island of the nation and the location of Ierendi City, the capital of the kingdom. This is where the famous Crown Tourney of Ierendi takes place.

Alcove Island specialises in deep-sea treasure hunting, with several actual sunken pirate ships serving as exhibitions. Actual treasures have even been discovered by a lucky few divers.

Finally, Safari Island is purposely populated with monsters and exotic animals. Here, local guides bring tourists on safari hunts and give guided tours of the ancient penitentiary of the island.

The other islands are mainly residential in purpose, but they also have their own, less talked-about tourist experiences. Still, I've visited most of them, and they are also well worth a trip, even if you don't hear about them very often back on the mainland.

The People

The original native humans of Ierendi call themselves the Makai. Of course, over the years additional colonisation's from both Thyatis and the Five Shires have added members of each race into the Ierendi stock. Despite this, the Makai still make up the vast majority of the Ierendians.

Makai are friendly and generous, always willing to help someone out. Of course, since most are also in the tourist business, they are also always ready to sell visitors to the islands worthless trinkets, Makai tribal good luck charms (which never really existed in their ancestral tribes), and anything else to make a silver piece. Makai are easily recognised thanks to their brown coloured skin.

The Ierendians live by the money brought in from tourist, and they know it. That's why they are always cheerful, happy, and helpful. When a foreigner is well treated and enjoys his stay, he'll return and give them more money.

On a stranger side of things, the Ierendians have a very unusual method of choosing their monarch. Each year, on Klarmont 1, they hold a fierce competition known as the Crown Tourney. Only renown and successful adventurers can even apply to participate in this tourney. Nationality is irrelevant, as is race. The male and female who score the most points during the competition are awarded the title of King and Queen for a year.

Recent History

The only thing of exception in their recent history would be Reston of Akesoli, the King of Ierendi. This daring soul first won the Crown Tourney back in AC 1007 and has been undefeated since. Reston has set a new record with 9 kingships in a row. There is talk of naming him King-For-Life.

Also of note to some sages and geologists are the recent minor eruptions of several of the volcanoes. Most have only let out small plumes of smoke and ash, with the exception of one major eruption back in Vatermont of AC 1012. Many volcanic experts speculate that the eruption was only the first of several that will soon rock the island nation. Of course, Ierendi officials deny this, expecting that any serious investigation into the matter is sure to hurt their tourist industry.

Don't Miss

To put it bluntly, EVERYTHING! There is not an island or town that is to be missed if one has the time - and money - to enjoy an extensive tour of the islands of Ierendi.

For those of limited budget, however, I recommend Ierendi Island. First of all, it is the site for the Crown Tourney, and interesting things always happen at these competitions between powerful adventurers. Reston always performs admirably, and is well deserving of the title of king. Two years ago, a red dragon participated, causing quite the uproar. This year, an impromptu challenge took place as competitors (and a few other bystanders, myself included) helped a young lady in the crowd of spectators give birth to her child. Judges awarded bonus points to the adventurers who participated. I can't wait to see what happens next year.

Also, Ierendi City is the home of the most famous Adventurers' Club. If you want to meet famous and powerful adventurers - and I'm talking about dragon-slayers, planewalkers, fiend destroyers and the likes - then this is the place to be. If you wait patiently outside their prestigious clubhouse just east of the marketplace, you'll probably see a dozen such heroes and plenty of soon-to-be-famous adventurers. Myself, I enjoyed sitting on a bench in a nearby park watching several of them display their skills to an on-looking crowd. Even more impressive is the fact that all members of the Adventurers' Club will respond to the call of the King or Queen of Ierendi should the fate of the nation depend on it. This gives Ierendi the most powerful and unpredictable defence force in the Old World.