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Ierendi Ideas

by Joaquin Menchaca


A PC coming from this island, could start at age 14, have a mini-fire elemental as a familiar, and 1d2 goblin slaves. The PC would also be able to buy magic items at discount, like regular equipment.

I have the gnomes in Highforge of Karameikos have regular connections with the Honor Island folks. The gnomes can create devices that require, in Real World terms, combustion through use of fire elemental energy sources that heat up steam. This allows them to create primitive tanks, gyrocopters, mortars, cannons, and other mechanisations. The gnomes and the Honor Island wizards have close relations.


I changed this around in allowing psionic enabled PCs to survive on the island without going insane. Unknown to many is a monastic order of Mentats that live and dwell on the island. They call out to other talented persons and call them to the island so they can join the One Mind.


This island is great for relaxation that is so good, that PCs become have the affect of being blessed for their next mission, though they must be completely rested and relaxed for 1 whole week, i.e. no combat. Though also, many pirates exist on the island.


Ravenloft has one Ghost Ship adventure, which could use Elegy island as a good substitute for the island presented in the module.


There some sea modules that would be great to link these with the Sea Kingdoms creature crucible and also Ierendi.

As a last note, the Swashbuckler adventures would be a good book for some D&D3E style rules for creating a swashbuckling feel to Ierendi.