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This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Cthulhudrew! What I'd really love to see is pictures taken by participants on the board--maybe doctored, maybe not--along with suggestions for placing them in Mystara. We're such a geographically disparate group, let's take advantage of it! Plus, I think it'd be a good community-building exercise.

Iglesia del General

by Patrick Sullivan

I'll go ahead and share the Iglesia del General (Church of Thor) in Ciudad Matacán, Saragón, viewed from the shade of one of the orange trees in front of the barracks across the Plaza Militante.

In reality, this is a picture I took in November of the Iglesia de San Miguel in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. I don't really remember whether those are orange leaves or from some other tree, but there were certainly plenty of orange trees in town and the leaves look about right.