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Fallen Realm of Ildarinos

by Geoff Gander

It was an agriculturally rich dominion, whose shepherds were renowned for their ability to raise sheep with the most luxurious wool imaginable. Ildarinian wool regularly sold at twice the average market value, and surviving samples are still treasured. With the corruption and later destruction of Ildarinos, the sheep have gone feral and have become dangerously cunning creatures - many now live in Inithandur and have mutated by the corrupted plants they have been eating for the past several decades.

The hills next to Garithor Keep had a number of silver mines - the fate of which is not known. Many assume rich veins are still down there, but few dare to explore the tunnels and shafts that go deep into the earth.

The Incarith (Cursed River), is poisonous to anything not native to Inithandur. The Dilcarith (Silver River), strangely enough, is the one river in the accursed lands that remains free of taint. No one knows why.

Dilmarion was once an important port, and was home to many adventuring parties who grew rich exploring the wilds of Suridal. Aided by many of these heroes, the Selhomarrian armies tried to use it as a staging area in their fight against Ildarinos. Unwilling to tolerate the presence of such power on his doorstep, the self-styled Emperor of Ildarinos ordered his forces to destroy the town utterly. The destruction was nearly absolute, with the very sand of the beaches fused into glass due to the energies expended. Although Ildarinos won, much of its power was spent, hastening its collapse. Now, it is a half-melted ruin whose streets and alleys faintly echo with the whispers of the dead. No corporeal undead have been spotted, but spending any length of time here is unsettling to say the least.

Ildaris, the capital of Ildarinos, was a sprawling city dominated by an imposing citadel on a hill. During the final battle against the Emperor of Selhomarr and his armies, the ruler of Ildarinos chose to retire to the citadel while his armies bled on the streets. The few windows in the main tower glowed ominously as cracks erupted throughout the structure, and then the bulk of the citadel imploded in a great wave of silence. A rebounding shockwave burst outwards seconds later, toppling buildings and hurling hundreds of soldiers into the bay. The heat from the horrifying effect half-melted the great stone doors, trapping anyone inside who survived. Thereafter, a pall of disease fell upon the ruined city and the surrounding lands, and many of those who survived the battle sickened and died in the following days. Now, the ruins of Ildaris are overgrown with warped and dangerous plants, and mutated wildlife roam its cracked and buckled streets. The ruins of the citadel still loom above, and those few who ventured near the great ruin claim to have heard faint scratching and moaning from within.