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Ilioloosti (City-State of)

Location: Continent of Davania, western Meghala Kimata Plains. DV

Area: Approx. 1,100 sq. mi. (2,850 sq. km.).

Population: 34,500 (21,000 in Ilioloosti, 13,500 living in scattered villages and towns).

Languages: Milenian (Ilioloostian dialect).

Coinage: Danorii (gp), vesta (sp), pirnii (cp).

Taxation: All citizens are taxed at 20% of their assessed worth once per year (Kaldmont 28).

Government Type: Oligarchy, some democratic elements.

Industries: Agriculture (primarily wheat, fruits, and corn), sheep, crafts.

Important Figures: None known.

Flora and Fauna: The plant life present around Ilioloosti is what one would normally expect for a riverside region, being largely of such water plants as lily pads, papyrus and reeds, plus a midget variety of what is known to some people as the Cestian gobbler. On land one can see many species of grass, including large patches of grab grass, as well as the occasional piece of shrubbery. Among the trees present here are oak, olive, and pine. Not far from the city there is a large oak grove, which serves as the home for a very old treant.

The more exotic animals that may be encountered around Ilioloosti include blink dogs, displacer beasts, griffons, hippogriffs, and any type of giant insect. Among the more organized humanoids, tribes of bugbears, hobgoblins, and orcs have been spotted in the region numerous times in the past. Also, a large group of over one hundred minotaurs is known to inhabit a large group of hills west of the city. Little contact has been established with them, but the city's leadership is aware of their existence. Further southeast, several tribes of rakasta are known to exist. Contact with them is sporadic, but peaceful.

Further reading: None.

Last Year's Events: Perhaps the only obstacle to Ilioloosti's noble aim is the threat posed by the armies of Mivosia, which began to march along the banks of the Meghalo Fithi River, conquering every settlement in their path. A small wave of refugees made its way to this city-state, seeking to find a new home-for the most part they have done so.

It is only a matter of time, some fear, before the Mivosians turn their attention westwards, and seek to add Ilioloosti to their growing empire. It is thus with apprehension that the people of this city-state listen to tales of the battles between Mivosia and the Heldannic Knights.