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Imlec, the centre of the world

by Francesco Defferrari

Location: Continent of Brun, located approx. 80W 58N, the city nowadays rules directly over an area slightly smaller than Karameikos.

PC Description: Here is the greatest city of the world, the centre of gnomish culture, the home of a thousand wonderful inventions, the birthplace of Emperor Dorfin. Here all the races are welcomed in the Way of the Law, lupins and rakastas, humans and gnolls, orcs and giants. Here is the only beacon of hope and civilization in the savage plains of Brun. It's true that the immortal emperor has disappeared long ago, his work uncompleted, but it's also certain that he will return soon, and the armies of the Law will triumph again.

DM Description: The gnomes of the north founded Imlec in times so ancient that are now lost in history. The gnomes have lived here for thousands of years and the area of the city could well be the original birthplace of their race, or a very ancient colony. The ambition of the powerful gnomish clans that rule the city is to resurrect the once glorious empire of Dorfin, uniting Brun in the Way of the Law, defeating again, once and for all, the minions of chaos and the den of evil that it's Hule. They had several setbacks in the last centuries, but now they are again busy building earthshakers and flying machines.. and one day they know Dorfin will return, to lead them again.
(The location is obviously inspired by several previous fan works that can be easily found on the Vault).