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Outline of 4 Paths to Inmortality

by Pol Ginés

4 Paths to Inmortality

I want it to be epic and memorable, but not infinite game sessions… I would like to play two 4-5 hours seasons to each heroic mission. Great adventures such as A Paladin In Hell or Talons of Night need too many game sessions for just one reward in the path to Inmortality. Also, I try to make them go together: D&D is a group game.

Do you think this is Epic enough?

Candidate: A Patriarch of Skuld, king of Qeodhar, cleric 32th, born in Ostland
Sponsor: Skuld, goddess of death with serenity, Time
Path: Dynast

- Steal the Hourglass of Verthandi fron the Halls of Hela; he will need the help of ‘the Inmortal that cheats and simulates death’, Yagrai [Loki could be of use too, but Hela no longer trusts Loki… ey, perhaps Loki is using Yagrai as pawn].
- Create a sacred kingdom in Qeodhar with 50.000 people, no one can receive a Raise Dead spell in this sacred kingdom for 100 years
- Defeat 4 dangers to the kingdom in 20 years: a major beholder invasión, a Giant Sea Serpent Apocalypse, Doors open to the Plane of Shadows (from a Dungeon Magazine), some other thing… [What would you suggest… a Lycanthropic rebellion?]
- With the Hourglass, travel to the future to help his son and grandson… [but this would probably be with “another body” so he would have less power and would work together with other lower level PCs in a lower level campaign]

Candidate: A 3,3 XP Forester, a Thyatian raised in Vyalia lands
Sponsor: Ilsundal, patron of elven magic, Energy,
Path: Paragon

- Find and use and protect the Comb of the Korrigan; it is said that the devil sea god Dagon swallowed it; it will allow him to grow as a magic-user over even the level of a Treekeeper elf.
- Create a school of a new order of Foresters with non human students; teach them Forester skills, a code, 6 students from 6 different races should advance 12 levels (low-medium level campaign)
- All magic-users, elves and faeries at 1000 miles of the school must recognize him as the best wizard; he must defeat 8 magic-users or 25th level in duels.
- He must change the land features in 100 miles around his school… (the player is free to choose the place and way of doing it)
- He must create a magic object of legend to the glory of Ilsundal and the elven people, using the needle that can kill giant god Kostschie, some feathers of the demon Pazurr (Pazuzu), 5 scales of the 5 colours of Tiamat and a strand of the scarf of most famous thief in the world (Simbad)

Candidate: A 3,1 XP Dwarf Cleric from Denwarf-Hurgon
Sponsor: Kagyar, Inmortal Patron of Dwarves, Matter
Path: A mix of Polymath and other things

- Build and protect for 10 years a monument to the glory of Kagyar
- Find the Prayer Book of Khazrar... so he can grow as cleric over the current limitation of 12th level [It is in the Repository or Library of the City of Brass, of the efreeti]
- Create a new kingdom of 15.000 demi-humans devoted to Kagyar; each home has to include one artisan of craft-orientated person. [The best way is to look for them in Rockhome; doing a favor to the king will help him to give his permission].
- Create a magical object of legend capable of damaging even the gods (that is, a +5 weapon) and use and protect it during 4 lives.
- Dominate his phobia to jellies and gelatinous creatures: he will find the Saddle of Jelly Riding and will ride a giant jelly to battle in front of his people [It is in a dark place in the city of Brass].
- He will live 3 levels as a low-medium warrior/halfling/gnome/humanoid (throw a dice), another 3 leves as a magic-user, 3 as a thief (or sidhe, or rake) and 3 as a mix of those 3. [This is the low-medium level campaign]

Candidate: A 28th level Thief woman from Stonewall, Alphatia [she will be 30 when they arrive to the Mountain of the Inmortals to ask for the path]
Sponsor: Simbad, thief and sailor, Sphere of Though
Path: epic hero

- To find the Scarf of Simbad [it is in the Repository of the City of Brass]
- To find and destroy the Spear of Ornit [it is in the treasure of Tiamat... no need to kill Tiamat]
- Train the successor of another player [probably the son or grandson of the PC in Qeodhar]
- Create a new legendary weapon: with the breath of a dying god [probably Kostschie if they find the needle], the demon flesh of a mountain heart [probably a Dungeon magazine adventure], a grain of the hourglass of 3 Death Goddesses [if the cleric of Skuld steals the Hourglass of Verthandi to Hela it is of 3 goddesses].
- Impossible task: to steal all the gold and treasures from the vaults of the Great Bank of the City of Brass

[she should ask help to the foes of the efreeti, the djinni; they will have ideas; she can promise half the treasure... The City of Brass book by Necromancer Games depicts the place and the treasure: 100 million gp... you need 10.000 bags of holding to take it, at 600 cn weigh each bag...].