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Technology of the Immortals

by Aoz

Or Immortal usage of technology.

First let make a short list of a few things a Immortal could get their hands on:


DA2 Temple of the Frog
-Minor AI
-Power Source for Recharging Tech
-Creation of Frog Folk
-[Knowledge] Growing Killer Frogs
-and a few pieces of tech [Souls of Scientist/Engineers Better]

DA3 City of the Gods
-Alien Devices pg 32 to 35
-Cyborg pg 36
-Bots pg 39
-Scout Ship [Egg] "Good Luck"
-and Souls of Aliens [Woti: Servitors]

CM6 Where Chaos Reigns
-Assorted Robots
-Oard Devices [even limited time travel]
-and [Knowledge] Grow Talaks(trolls) and proto-humaniods
-Souls could be dangerous [Oard don't have any love for the immortals]

IM1 The Immortal Storm
-[Earth: No Magic] Pg 26 to 28 with vehicles to modern day items and Firearms but ammo may explode crossing dimension barriers...but its still an option.

-Flying Saucer: A better choice on page 39: Flight, Anti magic, meteor cannon and beams.



Let's hope no other Immortal except Rafiel wants to build a "Reactor".

Breeding Killer Frogs and Creating Frog Folk sounds boring but...[I recall raising some tad poles: grow ever fast] Now with google quickest tadpool to frog 1 month and longest 3 years. Females can lay up to 4000 eggs most normally don't make it [But if a "Keeper" of the Frogs help more may survive]. Some frogs life up to 20 years!!
The Immortal could grow an army of followers at an alarming rate. If Immortal was into necromancy could Create Undead Frogs as well. Understand this does not have to be on the Prime Plane could be the Immortal Home Plane (building that follower base or getting ready to Conquer the Prime Plane).

Cyborgs could be used to slowly replace key people through out Mystara and "Guide" them to the Immortal's Sphere. As an alternate idea, my new adventurers [Cyborgs] start showing up all over Mystara.

Growing Talaks(trolls) and proto-humaniods similiar idea as Frog [longer growth cycle and fewer but stronger]. Could "rent" out this to over Immortals for Wars or to Test other mortals.

Robots would be similiar to making an army of Golems. You could do it but if someone found a weakness your army would be scrap or you maybe wil be fighting your own creations. Could still be fun.

Flying Saucer and alien technologies. The Immortal disguised as an Alien [Mortal ID], appears before a world/region and claim to only need a small amount of the world's/region's "prayers", in exchange for which they will share their advanced technological and medical knowledge [brainwashing/mind control]. --Be careful what area in Mystara you appear...Other Immortals will be "looking" into this Alien--

This are just a few ideas. Feel free to add your own.