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Immortal Level Campaign Ideas

by John Walter Biles

Something I think an Immortals Campaign would benefit from would be a case in each sphere where the ruling hierarch has a clear vision for the future but is being challenged by some uppity person with an alternate vision who wants to redirect the sphere's effort in another direction.

The PCs then have to decide which vision to embrace and how. While reconciling the issues inherent in being in different spheres

Time: Khoronus prefers time flow by peaceful change; Vanya is calling for Time to push WAR in the mortal sphere. How else are Dynasts to arise?
Thought: Odin is focused on kings and rulers and big powerful leaders thinking clearly; (Someone) wants to focus on enabling the common man to rise above being farmers and become philosophers and thinkers as well.
Matter: Terra is all 'CYCLE OF LIFE', protect and preserve animal species, but Kagyar wants to push Matter as the sphere of craftsmanship and making and gnome hypertech, etc.
Energy: Ixion is all about figurative light and energy and knowledge but up and coming immortals want MORE MAGIC
Entropy: Thanatos likes subtle corruption, ORCUS WANTS TO SMASH KILL CRUSH DESTROY