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Immortal Level Campaign Ideas

by John Calvin

The Draeden:

Of course these big baddies have to make an appearance in any immortal campaign. Are they simply mindless monsters, or are the draeden working on some mysterious scheme to overthrow the immortals and take their rightful place at the top of the multiverse's pecking order?

Rise of the Radiance

Radiance Immortals may fit into the Sphere of Energy, or they may not. Regardless many in Energy (including the current reigning hierarch) resent and hate these immortals. Several sub-plots exist within this campaign:
1) Rafiel's Chamber of the Spheres nears completion and he plans to use this to create more Radiance immortals that are loyal to him.
2) Rad returns "from the grave" insistent that he has found the path to becoming an Old One, however Ixion believes him to be a heretic and decides it would be better to silence him forever.
3) Rhedrian and the other Radiance immortals decide to break away from established immortal society and create their own sphere.

On Committee

The immortals in this campaign may be from different spheres, but they are all members of the same immortal committee. They must strive against other immortal groups (and combat dissent within their own) in order to protect whatever it is that they cherish.

Rogue Immortal

Some immortal has broken the Prime Directive and is actively interfering on the Prime Material plane. The immortals must stop him before he disrupts the balance of the Prime and threatens the existence of the immortals themselves.

Mortal Enemies

Though few among their ranks would admit such a thing, there do exist those few mortals across the multiverse who could threaten the "gods" themselves. Over the eons the immortals have striven to rid the planes of such menaces, but every now and then they do reappear.
1) Carnifex and their Outer Being patrons
2) Blackmoorians with advanced technomagic