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The Immortals' Grasp

by The Stalker

THE IMMORTALS' GRASP - This was a group of adventuring priests of different Immortals in Thyatis. The group was founded by Varpasian the Elder and Decius Trikarius (and perhaps also Claudius Valodrakus), and the idea was that a group consisting of priests of different Immortals would ensure that the will of the Immortals was enforced, while the different abilities of the priests would make the group capable of most challenges. The group broke up a couple of years ago due to internal conflict, though the source of the conflict is uncertain.

Hadrian Britannikos, Thyatian Priest of Ixion. Originally from the Kerendan Plains in Thyatis, Britannikos became a member of the Immortals' Grasp several years ago. He is said to have travelled in many deep dungeons to bring the wrath of Ixion to the undead that the immortal so hates. Britannikos was the junior member of the Immortals' Grasp when he joined the group only a year and a half before it disbanded, but he was very active during this period and quickly became a highly experienced priest of Ixion. After the group was destroyed, Britannikos is said to have remained an adventuring companion of Valeria Sosarius, a priestess of Valerias and fellow member of the Immortals' Grasp. His current whereabouts are unknown, though probably somewhere in Thyatis.

Dieter Lowenroth, Thyatian High Priest of Vanja. Though Lowenroth is from Hattias and shares much of the intolerance of his people toward people of other backgrounds, he became a member of the Immortals' Grasp about a decade ago. As a priest of the warlike Vanja he served as the warrior in a group of priests, though his extreme views caused internal friction in the group on many occasions until in broke apart a few years ago. Some say that Lowenroth was the main reason for the dissension in the ranks of the group. Now that the group no longer exists, Lowenroth spends most of his time in his immortal's church in the city of Hattias, though he is still an occasional adventurer, and also spends much time in Thyatis City. Some say that he has strong connections to the Heldannic Knights, and that he will soon leave Thyatis for the Heldannic Territories to join their ranks.

Valeria Sosarius, Thyatian Priestess of Valerias. Valeria hails from Thyatis City and replaced another priest of Valerias as a member of the Immortals' Grasp about half a decade ago. She is much like the immortal she serves in spirit, though not quite as impulsive and certainly more serious, since she must remain loyal to her duties as a priestess and the doctrines of her church. She is generally well-liked by most people she meets. Little is known of what became of her when the Immortals' Grasp disbanded a few years ago, though she is believed to have stayed together with Hadrian Britannikos, a priest of Ixion who was a fellow member of the Immortals' Grasp until it broke apart.

Decius Trikarius, Thyatian High Priest of Korotiku: Trikarius was a member of the adventuring group of priests called the Immortals' Grasp until the group was disbanded a few years ago. He is rumoured to have been one of the founding members of the group. Trikarius is now elderly, and is no longer active as an adventurer, but rather spends his time in the temple of his Immortal in Thyatis City.

Claudius Valodrakus, Thyatian Priest of Diulanna. Valodrakus is from Thyatis and is a high priest of Diulanna, the patroness of will. He is getting old now, but he seems to have been one of the founders of the adventuring group known as the Immortals' Grasp, which he allegedly founded together with other clerics, such as Varpasian the Elder and Decius Trikarius. When the group disbanded a few years ago, Valodrakus founded a church near Port Lucinius, apparently retiring as an adventurer altogether.

Varpasian the Elder, Thyatian High Priest of Asterius. Varpasian the Elder is a Kerendan from Thyatis and was one of the founding members of the Immortals' Grasp together with priests such as Decius Trikarius and perhaps also Claudius Valodrakus. The Immortals' Grasp was an adventuring group consisting exclusively of priests of different immortals. The concept behind the group was that cooperation between priests of different immortals would ensure a powerful combination of skills and also make certain that the will of the immortals would be heard. Despite the obvious differences of the priests and immortals involved, the group was remarkably successful until internal conflicts suddenly broke the group apart a few years ago. Saddened by the collapse of the group, Varpasian has retired completely as an adventurer. He is quite old now and only seeks to serve Asterius in his church in Thyatis City until he dies. However, some believe that Varpasian secretly hopes that the Immortals' Grasp will be revived some day, perhaps under the leadership of his son, Varpasian the Younger.

Varpasian the Younger, Thyatian Priest of Asterius. Varpasian the Younger was a member of the Immortals' Grasp, the adventuring group of priests founded by his father, Varpasian the Elder. When the group broke up a few years ago and Varpasian the Elder retired, Varpasian the Younger decided to continue his career as an adventurer, and he is said to have travelled great distances in that time, though there are few stories of what he has actually done in that time. Though Varpasian is a young man, he is more serious than his father was at the same age. He is very dedicated to the doctrines of Asterius and is very serious in performing his duties, and although he is not yet a high priest of Asterius, he is still a highly experienced priest.