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Imperialism and Conquest a tentative guideline to BC 1000

by John Calvin

I'm not quite sure what to call this time period. It seems to be an age of imperialism and conquest so for now I'll stick to that. Brun is a virtual battleground as Nithians, Dwarves, and Orcs battle one another in an attempt to carve out their own empires. Other nations (like the Shires) are subjugated and their populace enslaved. Some of the Nithian holdings (Traladara) are lost to hoards of Gnolls. To make matters worse people are fleeing from the East where it is reported that an aggressive nation from another plane (Alphatians) is invading their territory.


This land is partially occupied by various bands of humanoid tribes, and partially by Nithian outposts.

Perhaps the Nithians actually invite elves from the Sylvan Realm to colonise lands in Darokin, and help to neutralise the humanoid threat there. This might follow the Nithian pattern of the time (invite allies to settle in troubled areas - see Alphatia). As the corruption of Nithia expands the Minrothad Nithians may also ask their elven friends to help them fight the plague. Eventually the short lived humans succumb to the dark whisperings, but their elven allies in Canolbarth continue the fight (eventually leading to the magical attack that sucks water from present day Ylaruam).

Another explanation of why the elves eventually settle these lands could come from the Shires. Perhaps the elves are responding to a call for help from their brethren living among the hin. The elves arrive too late to help, but decide to avenge their fallen cousins and to wipe out the orcs in the area. Since the elves are long lived, so are their plans. They do not actually settle in Alfheim for another 200 years, but perhaps they launch numerous expeditions into the area


The Nithians, having had contact with the Alphatians for centuries (perhaps instigating inter-planar trade), invite the Alphatians to settle and conquer lands near their eastern frontier. The Alphatians initiate Landfall and begin their conquest (and destruction) of the native peoples inhabiting the area. This allows Nithia to focus their attention (and military might) on matters more close to home.


? Not familiar enough with these territories.


Nearly 200 years previously the Great Hoard resurfaced in the Broken Lands.

Since then the humanoids have been breeding profusely and have expanded their territories in all directions.

Hoards attack Rockhome but are driven back by Blystar III.

Other hoards attack and conquer the shires.

Yet other hoards roam across Darokin. These hoards have minor skirmishes with their Nithian and dwarven neighbours, and will eventually


This country is a battleground between the orcs and the Nithians. Elven and dwarven incursions into this land are also common.


? Full of humanoids and barbarians?


? Full of humanoids?


The people here have been conquered by the expanding Nithian Empire. The Nithians come into conflict with the remnants of the lizardman kingdom already established in the area.


Gnolls (recently escaped from under Nithian control) have invaded these lands and are overrunning the native populace (the Traldar). This is the end of the City States, and the time sung about in the Song of Halav. The Traldar put up a good fight, but are eventually overcome. Many of them set sail for the southern continent in order to escape utter destruction.


This is a Nithian frontier colony, having been established for nearly 100 years. The humans and elves (Verdier, Meditor) get along fairly well, and the Nithians establish contact and trade with the Sylvan Realm through their elven neighbours. Although the Nithian core territories are beginning to suffer from corruption, the Minrothad colonies are fairly insulated from these effects.


This is the peak of Nithian culture. 100 years previously the Nithians colonise both Thothia and Minrothad (according to DotE). They have conquered peoples in what is now modern day Thyatis and Ierendi. However, Nithia is beginning to suffer from the effects of Corruption. The creation (and escape) of the gnolls can be seen as the earliest example of this.


The dwarves begin a period of moderate expansion. They fight mostly with their humanoid neighbours, either defending their homeland or conquering humanoid territory. Dwarven and elven expeditions into Darokin may run afoul of one another and minor skirmishes might occur over territory. The elves win out in the end.

Rockhome and Nithia seem to be on good terms (based on their feelings toward the Ylari later on).


The shires are conquered by hoards of orcs, and the Realm of Othrong is formed.

Over the next several hundred years control of the territory will pass back and forth between the orcs, and the hin, as well as occasionally the dwarves.

This is a nasty place to visit, and an even nastier place to live. The orcs of these lands build fortresses on their borders from which they can launch attacks into Karameikos (gnoll territory) and Rockhome.


The people living here are under direct rule of the Nithians. They suffer and mount attacks against the gnolls of Karameikos/Traldar.