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Most Wanted Infamous Villains

Bargle the Infamous: Bargle acquired his reputation from working with his former master, the Black Eagle Baron. It is rumoured that he practices dark magics and has performed experiments on humans and hins. There is a 500,000 Gold Royals reward for his return to Karameikos (half that if dead). His last known whereabouts was the Esterhold Peninsula back in AC 1013.

Born: 962 (apparent age 30). Hair: Light brown; long moustache and beard. Eyes: Black. Height: 6'1".

Appearance: Lean, handsome, and charming when it suits him.

Dresses in colourful robes chosen to deliberately clash with and upstage others.

Combat Notes: AL CE; AC -1 (bracers of defence AC 2, Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male M17; hp 37; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 1d4+2 (dagger +2, +3 spellcasters) or by spell; S9 D17 C10 I18 W9 Ch15; ML 10.

Magical Items: Bracers of defence AC 2, dagger +2 (+3 spellcasters), staff of the magi, horn of blasting.

"Gentleman Jehann" : Jehann's origins are unknown, as is his true name. His nickname reflects his impeccable manners toward his victims as well as his fellow bandits. He robs only from the rich and the high society while leaving the poor - and the ladies - alone. He has thus become somewhat of a popular hero. Jehann and his bandits operate in the hills of Karameikos. There is a 5,000 Gold Royals reward for his capture (alive).

Born: Unknown. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Height: 6'.

Appearance: He wears a forest-green cape and matching green hat adorned with peacock feathers. He is always smiling and always in motion. His favourite mount, a dark stallion, is as handsome and energetic as his master.

Combat Notes: AL CG; AC 7 (dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male T8; hp 42; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d8+2 (longsword +2); S15 D17 C15 I14 W12 Ch18; ML 13.

Magical Items: Longsword +2, cape of blending.

Karolek Two-Fist: A violent Alphatian pirate who preys on ships - especially weak or storm-damaged ones - in the New Alphatian Sea. His brutal attacks end with the execution of all on board. Karolek's only interest is in gold and brutality against others. The NACE offers a 100,000 Crowns reward for his capture, dead or alive.

Born: AC 985. Hair: None (bald). Eyes: Blue. Height: 6'1".

Appearance: Wears a patch over his right eye which he lost in combat. Karolek loves to wander his ship bare-chested so to show off his muscles and impress those he is about to kill.

Combat Notes: AL NE, AC 8 (dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male F10; hp 82; THAC0 11; #AT 2; Dmg 1d2+4 (punches, with 3 levels of mastery); S17 D16 C14 I12 W15 Ch12; ML 15; Weapon Mastery: punching, 3 levels of specialisation.

Magical Items: Unknown.

Reinhard Madelhari: A former Heldannic Knight, Reinhard betrayed his order, killed several other Knights, burned down a temple of Vanya and escaped with a stolen Heldannic Warbird. The exact reasons are still unknown, but it is believed the Heldannic Inquisition had something to do with it. Reinhard has used his military training and the skyship to conquer independent dominions in Norwold, using the gold to build up his own army in the hopes of carving out his own nation in the anarchistic wildlands. Reinhard is just in battle and does not kill needlessly, but his crimes against the Heldannic Knights have marked him for death anyway. There is a 100,000 Gelders reward offered by the Heldannic Knights for bringing back his body to them.

Born: AC 982. Hair: Blond; wears a trimmed beard. Eyes: Blue. Height: 6'1".

Appearance: Reinhard always stands erect; part of his long military training. His uniform is in perfect condition. His face is always serious and he rarely laughs.

Combat Notes: AL LG; AC -4 (full plate +3, shield +1); MV 12; human male Pr12 of Vanya; hp 62; THAC0 14; Dmg 1d8+4 (longsword +2, STR bonus) or by spell (despite being an enemy of the Heldannic Church of Vanya, Vanya still sees fit to grant Reinhard his spells. Ironically, the Heldannic Knights, however, can no longer cast spells!); S18 D12 C15 I12 W15 Ch10; ML 13

Magical Items: Full plate +3, shield +1, longsword +2, bag of holding, Heldannic Warbird.

Lucas de Nadore: Lucas is a wheellock sharpshooting elf of Cimarron County. He is one of the best, and enjoys challenging those who do not stand a chance of winning just to acquire their money/belongings after a "lawful" duel. He also simply enjoys shooting people. No one has yet managed to even come close to hitting him during a duel. Back in Cimarron, his practices are acceptable by law, but in the other Savage Baronies, he has become a wanted man. Although there is no huge reward for his capture, anyone who defeats Lucas is bound to make quite a reputation in the Baronies.

Born: AC 798. Hair: Reddish-blond; has a large bang in front of his right eye. Eyes: Green. Height: 5'3".

Appearance: Lucas always wears a worn leather vest and a belt which holds two wheellock pistols. He tends to have a piece of straw in his mouth, and often frowns when people look at him.

Combat Notes: AL NE; AC 6 (studded leather, Dexterity Bonus); MV 12; elf male sharpshooter F9; hp 71; THAC0 12; #AT 1; Dmg 1d8+ (wheellock); S10 D16 C11 I14 W14 Ch12; ML 13; Weapon Specialisation: wheellock pistol. Special Defence: Legacy of Speed.

Magical Items: Ring of missile protection.

Psa'gh: Leader of the Hardanger Kobolds, Psa'gh is believed to be the most powerful and intelligent kobold to have ever lived on Mystara. Over the past years, Psa'gh has united to kobold tribes of the Hardangers, then made a pact with Thar, creating the largest horde in the area for centuries. Their forces were defeated, but Psa'gh's location is still unknown.

Born: Unknown. Hair: Dark brown. Eyes: Red. Height: 3'5".

Appearance: Psa'gh is a large and very muscular kobold with only one little horn remaining on his head. His left horn was destroyed in a long ago battle.

Combat Notes (rumoured): AL CE; AC -2 (shining armour; possibly plate mail +3, Dexterity bonus); MV 6; kobold male F12; hp 75; THAC0 9; #AT 3/2; Dmg 1d8+4 (scimitar +3, STR bonus); S17 D16 C15 I17 W12 Ch14; ML 15

Magical Items: Scimitar +3, Shining Armour (properties unknown), amulet of proof against detection and location.

Xavier Tanos: This dashing man is a thief extraordinaire. In AC 1013 he stole the seal of the Republic of Darokin from Chancellor Mauntea's office, then boldly ransomed it. This year, he somehow managed to acquire a holy artifact from under the noses of the priests of the Church of Karameikos. Rumours now claim that his next target, sometime in AC 1015, will be the fabled Star Of Ylaruam. Xavier sometimes demands a ransom, sometimes merely returns the object, and sometimes keeps them as a memento. His motive appears mainly to be glory and reputation, but he also keeps enough to live in a very comfortable lifestyle. His current whereabouts are unknown. There is a 500,000 Daros reward in Darokin for his capture; dead or alive. The Church of Karameikos is similarly offering a 250,000 Gold Royals reward for the return of their relic.

Born: AC 988. Hair: Chestnut-brown, cut short. Eyes: Brown. Height: 5'10".

Appearance: Xavier moves with grace and confidence. Rumours claim that his eyes appear to pierce right through to a person's soul when he stares at them.

Combat Notes: AL N; AC -1 (leather armour +3, ring of protection +2, Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male T18; hp 58; THAC0 12; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6+2 (short sword of quickness +2); S12 D18 C13 I17 W13 Ch15; ML 13; PP 105% OL 90% FT 110% MS 105% HS 115% DN 90% CW 90% RL 70%.

Magical Items: Short sword of quickness +2, leather armour +3, ring of protection +2, dust of disappearance, elven boots, portable hole.

Thar: This former leader of the Broken Lands has still managed to create a huge horde despite loosing his position to a kobold (Kol XIV). Upon allying with Psa'gh, the number of goblinoids under his command grew even larger. His horde was soon defeated by the people of Soderfjord, however, and Thar's current whereabouts are unknown.

Born: AC 954. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Height: 6'3".

Appearance: A large, powerful orc with sharp tusks, coppery skin, and mesmerising eyes. Even his speech is mesmerising.

Combat Notes: AL NE; AC 0 (bracers of defence AC 0); MV 12; orc male F18; hp 99; THAC0 3; #AT 5/2; Dmg 2d4+4 (bastard sword +1, flames on command, used two- handed); S17 D14 C16 I13 W11 Ch18; ML 18; Weapon Specialisation: bastard sword (two-handed).

Magical Items: Bastard sword +1, ring of regeneration, bracers of defence AC 0, drums of panic, horn of blasting.

Timok "Burning Heart" of the Tiger Clan: Timok is a warrior from the Atruaghin clans who has taken on a personal quest to collect as many scalps as he can. He ventures out into the plains of Darokin, where he either kills people and scalps them on the spot, or brings them back to his lands where they are sacrificed to Atzanteotl. The Council of Darokin is offering a 50,000 Daros reward for his capture (dead or alive).

Born: Unknown (apparent age: late 20s). Hair: Black, worn long and tied back. Eyes: brown. Height: 5'8".

Appearance: Timok has a long scar on his face which he suffered during a Daraxi game. The man never smiles. He also wears various "jewellery" of stones and shells.

Combat Notes: AL CE; AC 7 (leather and Dexterity bonus); MV 12; human male F6; hp 68; THAC0 15; #AT 2/3; Dmg 1d4+4 (tomahawk +1, ST bonus, specialisation); S16 D15 C18 I12 W11 Ch10; ML 15; Weapon Specialisation: tomahawk.

Magical Items: Tomahawk +1.

Narcantina Zelamir: This sorceress is known to have used her position as a student at the Great School of Magic in Glantri to gain access to various dangerous magical items, which she stole and put for sale on the black market. The Great School of Magic is offering a 250,000 Ducats for her capture, dead or alive.

Born: AC 935 (apparent age: 35). Hair: Red, worn long down to waist level. Eyes: Brown. Height: 5'7".

Appearance: Narcantina appears petite and harmless, which often gains the trust of others. She tends to wear clothing which accentuates her good looks, which is also helpful for duping the males.

Combat Notes: AL CE; AC 2 (bracers of defence AC 2); MV 12; human female M(ev)15; hp 26; THAC0 16; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6+2 (staff of power) or by spell; S9 D13 C10 I18 W13 Ch17; ML 12

Magical Items: Bracers AC 2, staff of power, wand of fire, ring of spell storing. Various unknown items stolen from the Great School of Magic.