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Inheritor Orders

by David James Lindsay

The Order of the Ruby

Inheritors belonging to the Order of the Ruby, once known as the Brotherhood of Order or the Lawful Brotherhood, usually seek to end or reverse the Red Curse. Ruby Inheritors believe that knowledge and control over all matters pertaining to the red curse is the key to removing the curse altogether, and that by gaining Legacies they will better understand the Curse and how to fight it.

Their focus on controlling such things has also led them to gain a strangle hold on the only two cinnabryl mines around Texeiras and Vilaverde, carefully monitoring its output and its distribution. Also, the philosophical ancestors of the Order of the Ruby, the Lawful Brotherhood, founded the LB Trading Company in Cimmaron, a now thriving and powerful business trading in cinnabryl, red steel armour and weapons, smoke powder and the finest fire-arms in the Savage Coast. Because of this, the Ruby Inheritors are by far the richest of the three Orders and carry the most political sway.

The Order of the Ruby is well known for its controlling of cinnabryl operations. While in Vilaverde and Texeiras there is plenty of cinnabryl for everyone, in areas where cinnabryl is less abundant or harder to purchase, the Order of the Ruby are seen as greedy cinnabryl hoarders. The fact that they are indeed the wealthiest of the orders and that they are concerned about controlling and monitoring cinnabryl trade leads people to believe that they are very hesitant to share cinnabryl and makes Inheritors in general very unpopular amongst the lower class, especially those afflicted by the Red Curse. These accusations of greed are in most cases false, as the Order of the Ruby have a well ordered and fair cinnabryl distribution method to local lords in Vilaverde, Texeiras, Cimmaron and even Saragón who take any real blame for not sharing out the cinnabryl. In Slagovich, Ruby inheritors are despised by the public who believe they are cinnabryl thieves, and in Torreón they are thought of as self important bigots, being put on the same level as Narvaezans. However, the higher class of citizen should treat these inheritors with more respect than those from the Crimson Order or the Order of the Flame, as they relate better to the upper class.

The symbol of a Ruby Inheritor is a large ruby with a rune etched into it, indicating the characters status and rank within the organisation. Upon advancing within the order, the inheritor is decorated with additions to his ruby symbol. This ruby is also used as a personal mark, unique to that particular inheritor and is often worn on the left breast or index finger of the left hand. Sometimes, the ruby doubles as a signet ring or sealing stamp, especially so for the Ruby Chroniclers.

Ruby Chroniclers

The Chroniclers are the official research wing of the Order of the Ruby. They are based solely in Boa Mansão, on the third level of the Great Museum in Mansão Square, but also have several rooms dedicated to them at the Mansão Library. They carry out experiments, research and compile information on all aspects of the red curse, cinnabryl, red steel, the afflicted etc. However, the information is not shared with other inheritor orders, and much of it is carried out in secrecy behind barred doors and guarded halls. The head of the Chroniclers, The Chronicler Sage, is always a priest or cleric and holds much influence in the Ruby High Council, having privileges of speech far beyond his/her rank. This elevation of status is also true even for the newest Chronicler members, who are chosen by the Chronicler Sage during their initial training. Chroniclers are always treated with utmost respect by order members because of their important role in reaching the goals of the order. Any mage or priest within the order who learns all the required

spells becomes a chronicler, serving either within the library or museum of Texeiras or adventuring throughout the land in search of new information.

Rank and Station

Rank and respect is an important part of the Order of the Ruby, taken very seriously by both new initiates and elders. Most of its members are bound to certain duties by their rank within the order. In times of conflict with other inheritor orders, these set duties transform the Ruby Order into an effective and efficient machine. Failure to carry out duties results in penal action imposed by ruby vicars or in very serious cases ruby bishops.

The ranking order and duties of those in the Order of the Ruby are as follows:

Patriarch -Overseeing all matters, meeting officials/nobles, political relations managing.

Bishop -Attending High Council, controlling all aspects of trade, mining, and resources.

Elder -Advisors to ministers, control of intelligence aspects, adventuring.

Curate -Control of expeditions and military aspects, adventuring.

Chancellor -Takes control of funding, expenditure, building operations.

Vicar -Mentors to adepts, tutoring, public relations, policing order members, adventuring.

Adept -Schooling of those wishing to join the order, recruitment, adventuring.

Acolyte Cleaning, cooking, studying, and sometimes adventuring.

The Order of the ruby is controlled by a High Council Conclave which sits once every month within the secret underground Ruby Halls of Order in Porto Preto. The High Council Conclave of the Order of the Ruby works like a democracy, having 11 bishops (one for each barony except Narvaez, one for the city states, and one each for Bellayne, Renardy and Eusdria) the patriarch, the chronicler sage and a speaker of the hall, though the chronicler sage attends at his own desire. All matters brought before the High Council are discussed, then each bishop states their preferred course of action. The decision with the most support is the one that will be put into motion Both the arch-minister and the chronicler sage can stop any decision from being put into motion at any time.

Characters of the Ruby Order

Priests within the Order of the Ruby are required to memorise their spells in a specific order, as part of determining their rank within the order. Any person within the order can know the skills of another by his rank. Each level, the priest must memorise the required spell for his level and any spells required from lower levels at least once every day. Any bonus spells from wisdom or advancement are used as the character wishes. The spells, in order, that priests are required to memorise from level one to five are:

Level 1 -Cure light wounds

Level 2 -Light

Level 3 -Know alignment

Level 4 -Hold person

Level 5 -Maintain.

Mages work in a similar way and are required to learn, but not necessarily memorise a specific list of spells. These spells are given to inheritor mages upon initiation, and inheritor mages should try to learn as many of the spells as possible as soon as possible. The spells given to members are as follows:

Identify, Armour, Magic Missile, Continual Light, Know Alignment, Dispel Magic.

Warriors are required to specialise at first level in a sword of their own choice. This will be their granted

red steel weapon, and will be of very fine quality, made in Torreón or Vilaverde by master smiths, adding a +1 bonus to hit rolls. Thieves, bards and other classes receive no such extra immediate bonuses upon becoming Ruby inheritors.

Leonardo Marizo the Just -Patriarch of the Order of the Ruby

Lawful Neutral 14th level human fighter inheritor (Ruby Halls of Order, Porto Preto)

Statistics: Str:16, Dex:12, Con:11, Int:11, Wis:16, Cha:17, Com:14

Hit Points: 84, AC:-3, Grand master of the Rapier (Speed:1, THACO:3, 1d6+5/1d8+5), One Weapon Fighting Style, Ambidexterity

Items: Full Plate (coated in Oil of Timelessness), Ring of Protection +3, Red Steel rapier +3, Ring of Truth, Philtre of Persuasiveness, Potion of Major Healing

Legacies: Burn x3, Armour, Create Liquid, Amber Paralysis

Description: Leonardo is stern faced, yet warm and softly spoken. He has dull blue eyes and bloody black wavy hair that shows no sign of greying, though he is a respectable 58 years old now. His leadership has been undisputed for 5 years and he is seen as hard, yet fair by people and followers. He came to power in the Order when the former Lord Ruby, Greus Alphretto was imprisoned after valiantly but foolishly entering Narvaez to save a group of the Afflicted from Narvaez fanatics. Leonardo lives in Porto Preto within the Ruby Halls of Order, serving also as high judge in the Mansão Courthouse, but frequently travels to Texeiras to Boa Mansão to meet his old friend Baron Bartolomeu "O Calvo". Lord Marizo is also a renowned duellist who no longer competes in competitions, often sought out for advice and lessons. He is expected to step down from his position in the next three years and a new leader will be elected, though there are no likely candidates as yet. Some would like to see the pro-active Greus take the position but he still lies somewhere in the dungeons of Castillo Blanco.

Samuel le Blanc -Ruby Vicar Chronicler

Lawful Good 7th level half-elven mage inheritor (Vilaverde Museum, Porto Preto)

Statistics: Str:8, Dex:13, Con:6, Int:17, Wis:14, Cha:15, Com:6

Hit Points: 15, AC:9 , Proficient in Sling + Quarterstaff (Speed:4, THACO:18, 1d4+1/1d6+1 or 1d6+2/1d6+2), Speaks almost any modern language of the savage coast.

Items: Red Steel Quarterstaff +2, Cloak of Protection +1, Buckle knife +2, Necklace of Adaptation

Legacies: Translate, Sight, Amber Paralysis

Spells: 4, 3, 2, 1 (Comprehend Languages, Mending, Cantrip, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Any language/communication based spells)

Description: Samuel is thin and gaunt man of his late 40's. His hair is blond and wispy, his face tired and weary, straining to see through his extra thick lens glasses. One thing that characterises Samuel is his many quirks and oddities (strange sense of dress, eyebrow twitch, hunching back and gawky neck). Thus, at the Boa Mansão Museum he has become a bit of a celebrity, where he lectures on the Oltecs and Azcans. He is very easily insulted, as he is used to being a spectacle for others amusement. Any sign of showing interest in his work results in a fifteen minute lecture of some sort, gluing the unfortunate listener to the spot and bombarding them with strange and unlikely theories and philosophies.

Hyogu Stonehue "The Mountain" -Ruby Elder

Lawful Neutral 8th level fighter Rakasta inheritor

Statistics: Str:17, Dex:18, Con:15, Wis:13, Int:12, Cha:8, Com:14

Hit Points: 63, AC: 0 (-2 legacy, -5 parry), Specialised in Matara (Speed:2, THACO:9, 1d10+5/1d10+5), Specialised in Mishiya (Speed:2, THACO:10, 1d8+4/1d8+4), Two Weapon Fighting Style, Ambidexterity, Etiquette

Items: Red Steel +2 Matara and +1 Mishiya, Banded mail Armour, Boots Of Speed (Double Attacks)

Legacies: Find, Disintegrate, Fog, Craft Item

Description: To those within the Order, Hyogu is known simply as "The Mountain". His expression is said to never have moved in centuries. He is 5' 11" tall, of sturdy build, has golden-red fur, stands as still as a statue when on duty and has a cold stare like the rock face of a mountain. Though he came from Bellayne only recently 1008 AC, he has been accepted into the higher ranks of the Order because of his unquestioned loyalty and devotion to the order. A common saying of his is class=Section2>

"Life is service, service is life. If one of these is absent, so will be the other". He is not known to speak of any matter other than those related to the order, and has sworn life long fealty to Marizo, whom he believes is the embodiment of law himself. He wears a necklace of beads, a white silk shirt under his armour, and carries a writing box of fountain pens, ink, paper and a letter. Every night he reads the letter. No man alive except Hyogu knows its contents. If a character asks about it, he will not respond, if they use other means to try to read the letter, he will say "If you read this letter, I will have no option but to kill myself, in order to protect its secrets". The letter says that Hyogu Stonehue served a six year prison sentence within Bellayne, and this certifies his release, but the letter specifies no crime.

Arelija Laseleven "Bane of Thieves" -Ruby Curate

Neutral Evil 11th level elven mage inheritor

Statistics: Str:11, Dex:15, Con:16, Int:17, Wis:9, Cha:13, Com:17 (+2 to humans)

Hit Points: 51, AC:2, Proficient in Quarterstaff (Speed:1, THACO:14, 1d6+3/1d6+3), Dagger, and Two-Handed weapon style

Items: Quarterstaff of Command, Cloak of Empowering (+1 Cloak, considered 1 level higher for casting spells, can memorise 1 extra spell from levels 1 to 4 each day), Ring of Protection +2, Bracers of retaliation (AC 6, attackers who successfully hit Arelja must save versus spell or suffer 1d8 electrical damage), Potions of Neutralise poison.

Legacies: Spikes, Proficiency, Charm x3

Spells: 5, 5, 5, 4, 3 (likely divination, alteration, abjuration, and invocation)

Description: Arelija Laseleven is a strikingly beautiful elf of 121 years, whose long blond hair, amber skin and green eyes have become known to most in the southern baronies. Arelija is a well known order member who patrols towns in the baronies of Vilaverde, Texeiras, Cimmaron, Gargoña, Almarrón and Saragón looking for cinnabryl thieves with a party of her own scouts (essentially thieves) and warriors (thugs). Arelija deals with these thieves very harshly, most of them receiving gruesome deaths. However, not all cinnabryl recovered is returned to its owners. In fact, about half is kept for herself and her companions, along with any gold or valuables, with a small percentage of that going to the Order. As a result of this, Arelija has come into possession of some very powerful items. All her business is done under secret agreements with local nobles to preserve her positive image for a cut of the spoils. The public see her as a selfless and friendly local hero who roots out evil doers and punishes them.

The Crimson Order

By David James Lindsay

Once known as the Crimson Alliance, most inheritors of The Crimson Order believe that the Red Curse is a test from the Immortals, both of faith and of peoples handling and use of great power. Good Inheritors of this order believe that Legacies should be used to help others, while those of true neutral alignment believe they must be used to support the balance of nature, and those of evil alignment think the legacies are curses that should be used to test others. The goals of the Crimson Order are focussed on helping civilised races survive the Red Curse and bringing awareness of the effects of the curse to the people. Crimson inheritors usually believe that unity is the key to success of these goals, and that by worshipping the immortals people can be protected from the curse.

A Crimson Inheritor's symbol is a length of crimson silk, three inches wide and up to two yards long. This is worn visibly upon their person, either upon the waist, the arms, the head or the shins, but never around the thighs, chest, neck or hands. Higher ranking members have either two lengths of silk, or a wider length, up to one foot wide for Crimson Fathers/Mothers.

The Crimson Order and the Church

The Crimson Order is very closely related to the church and about half of its members are monks, clerics or priests, serving the order from temples or churches (except in Torreón and Narvaez). In Saragón, Gargoña, and Almarrón, even through they are not strongly religious the Crimson Order is more accepted. However, the general view held by the public is both one of fear because of their association with the afflicted and the frightful appearance of their leader, Audra "The Masked", and one of respect because of their willingness to help afflicted and commoners alike. Some believe their religious ways and methods are unnecessary and obsolete. The Crimson Order also takes care of small settlements of the afflicted, dispatching priests weekly to check on their condition and dispense small amounts of cinnabryl.

The Crimson Order also has close business ties with the Mariners Guild, receiving a tax discount in importing cinnabryl from Slagovich, Cimmaron, Vilaverde and Texeiras. Its funding comes mostly from donations, several alchemical businesses and the selling healing services and potions. Further, its adventuring members usually donate most of their gained wealth back to the Order. Also, in Saragón, the Crimson order secretly receives funding from Baron Balthazar de Montejo y Aranjuez and Don Luis de Manzanas.

Because of its ties with the church, most common peoples do not recognise the Crimson Order as being inheritors. Many believe they wear the red sash as part of church ceremony, others believe it is out of respect for the Crimson saints. Thus, members of the Crimson Order less frequently suffer the prejudice of societies unfortunates.

Saints of The Crimson Order

In AC 1000 Cimmaron County's only cinnabryl mine was claimed by an alliance of Yazi gnolls and Chiriquis goblins. The resulting cinnabryl shortage spread throughout Almarrón, Gargoña and Saragón leaving many poor peoples to die from affliction, or be subject to the time of loss and change. It was at that time that a small group of three inheritor priests in Almarrón removed their own cinnabryl to give to the afflicted, sacrificing their own health to save the most needy victims of the red curse. This act of extreme selflessness was heralded as being Saintly, and from that day on, these people have been known as Crimson Saints.

One of the first three saints was Audra Macan, the current Lord Father Crimson, who broke away from the traditional Lawful Brotherhood with his friend Luis to found the Crimson order. Audra had already led a 9 year adventuring career, and continued adventuring for another 5 years after the Inheritors split. He successfully established a reliable (but mediocre) cinnabryl source for the Crimson Order through trade with Slagovich, though it barely meets the Orders needs. More important was his discovery of new clerical spells to combat the red curse, listed in the Red Steel Campaign Book.

Cinnabryl is still in short supply to the Order now, AC 1011, and move will need to be made soon to counter the imminent cinnabryl shortage. The Crimson Order, unlike the Ruby and Flame, owns no cinnabryl mines, instead buying much of its cinnabryl from the free city state of Slagovich, and smaller amounts from Cimmaron, Texeiras and Vilaverde, which are owned by the other inheritor orders. The serious cinnabryl shortage within the order has led to the rise of Crimson Saints.

The Great Conclave

Lastly, the Crimson Order is responsible for organising the sacred Great Conclave, an event where all inheritors, regardless of their order are invited to come together to discuss arising problems of reducing the number of afflicted, cinnabryl mining shortages, trade of red steel and crimson essence and the sharing of new knowledge about the Red Curse. Conclaves are held annually in the third week of Flaurmont, as spring breaks. Crimson Inheritors often act as mediators between inheritors of the Flame and Ruby, who

tend to disagree.

Rank and Station

Members of the Crimson Order are ranked less formally than those of the Order of the Ruby. Higher ranking members choose to promote people on their suitability for the position rather than their term of service. There are no specific tasks assigned to a position within the order, but the highest ranking members are usually the busiest, as they take control of assigning duties to those below them. Usually, the workings of the Crimson Order is worked out by a small group of inheritors and put into action through secret church meetings. Here are the titles used within the order from highest to lowest:

Lord Father/Mother Crimson

Crimson Saint

Crimson Grandfather/Grandmother

Crimson Father/Mother

Crimson Brother/Sister

Crimson Son/Daughter

Crimson Friend for non-inheritor associates of the Order.

Audra Macan "The Masked" -Lord Father Crimson

Neutral Good 18th Level Human Cleric Inheritor (The Crimson Haven, Ciudad Matacan)

Statistics: Str:13, Dex:9, Con:14, Int:15, Wis:18, Cha:15, Com:6

Hit Points: 68, AC:-2, Proficient in War hammer Weapon Hands (Speed:8, THACO:10/3, 2d8/2d8), Morning Star, Weapon and Shield Style, Ambidexterity.

Items: Crimson silk band over left eye and three other broader crimson sashes upon each arm and waist, Field Plate +1, Medium Shield +2, Ring of Regeneration, Morning Star +1, Book of Exalted Deeds

Legacies: Strength, Armour, Weapon Hand x3, War Cry, Proficiency, Swim

Spells: 10, 10, 9, 9, 6, 4, 2

Description: Audra, a good friend of Don Luis de Manzanas, has a history shrouded in mystery. Once a crimson Saint, Audra never completely recovered from this affliction, being permanent scarred across his arms, torso and face and leaving one eye sightless, which he covers with a black half-mask and crimson sash. His hair is a light red colour, though his skin shows little sign of the red. As a speaker, he is a very distant and thoughtful, making every word that parts him sage advice. Though he is only 39, his days as an afflicted Crimson Saint occasionally leave him weak and almost immobile, so he leaves his chambers for public appearance only about twice a week, making an inspection of the Haven, and making announcements to an open audience. Audra also uses spells of great power to change the weather, protect the people from the Red Curse, Purify Water, Cure Disease and many other tasks without need for payment, however, rich nobles often make generous donations after receiving such a service.

Tjudiana Kalin -Crimson Daughter

Neutral Good 5th level Cleric Inheritor (Healing mythos)

Statistics: Str:11, Dex:14, Con:13, Int:10, Wis:16, Cha:13, Com:15

Hit Points: 16, AC: 8, Proficient in Herbalism, Healing, Sling + Mace (Speed:5, THACO:18)

Items: Crimson silk around the arm, no magical items, simple white robes, leather armour

Legacies: Create Liquid, Senses

Spells: 5, 5, 1 (Favourites: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Blindness/Deafness, Slow Poison, Cure Disease)

Description: Tjudiana is a tireless doer of good deeds, constantly travelling between Almarrón and Gargoña, visiting temples, villages of the afflicted, and people of poor health to give healing and whatever aid possible. She is a pretty girl of 16 years, with class=Section3>

medium length dark blonde hair, athletic build and tanned skin, though she is rather short, standing only 5' 2". People see her presence as a blessing from the immortals, and she is always welcomed to sit by the warmest village fire and given the softest bed. Tjudiana, or Tjudi to her friends, has no plans for marriage, and has turned down many keen men. Often, it is those whom she has cared for who fall helplessly in love with her soft healing touch and soothing voice.

Ives Charpontier "Le Rapide" -Crimson Brother

Chaotic Good 7th level Lupin Thief Inheritor

Statistics: Str:15,Dex:18, Con:16, Int:14, Wis:9, Cha:11, Com:13

Hit points: 38, AC: 0, Proficient in Dagger (Speed:1, THACO:16, 1d4+1/1d3+1), Cloak and Dagger (One Weapon) Fighting Style, Very skilled in all thief skills and subterfuge proficiencies.

Items: Crimson silk wrapped around shins, Ring Of Speed, Red Steel Dagger +1, Leather armour, Cloak of Protection +2, Ring of Protection +2, five silver daggers, thieves tools, many other concealed items.

Legacies: Sight, Fog, All-round Vision, Speed

Thief Abilities: PP:30%, OL:70%, F/RT:60%, MS:75%, HS:63%, DN:65%, CW:95%, RL:35%

Description: Thin and relatively tall, Ives is a bristling and energetic lupin man who simply loves a challenge. His fur has all the markings of a fox, and he is constantly checking his surroundings. He can pull almost anything from out of his pockets, though little of it will be useful to anyone else but him. He is known to some as Ives le Rapide because of his efficiency and speed at carrying out missions for the order. Most of these include checking on the other orders, and scouting unexplored lands.

Cordon Brimcragg -Crimson Grandfather

Lawful Good 11th level Dwarven Cleric Inheritor of Odin (Great Library, Ciudad Matacan)

Statistics: Str:14, Dex:9, Con:18, Int:19, Wis:15, Cha:13, Com:11

Hit Points: 73, AC:-5, Proficient in Mace (Speed:5, Attacks:1/1, THACO:12, 1d6+3/1d6+2), Morning Star, Weapon and Shield Style

Items: Crimson silk around shoulder, Chainmail +1, Stunning Mace (+2, save versus paralysation or be stunned for 1d4+2 rounds), Kite Shield +2, Spectacles of Literacy (allows Cordon to read any language), Red Steel Mace

Legacies: Strength, Light, Translate, Shape Stone x2

Spells: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (can't use 6th level spells due to wisdom)

Description: Cordon's inquisitive eyes are evidence enough that the dwarf is super intelligent, as he peers deeply into a book, scratching his reddish brown beard. He is a friendly dwarf, always keen to discuss politics, legacies, or anything! He wears chainmail, a red steel helmet, a holy symbol around his neck and carries his trusty mace at all times, saying it's an adventuring habit to be prepared, and a habit that he can't shake. Cordon Brimcragg was one of the first members to join the Crimson Order and was keen to master his own legacies. Using legacies made him yearn to learn more about magic, amazed at what his powers could do. He spent a short amount of time adventuring, but hurried home to Cimmaron to study and master new legacies. He began to record his work and began a research program. Soon into his studies he moved to Saragón out of necessity. Three years after and he opened the Great Library at Ciudad Matacan, compiling books obtained from ruins and brought off other libraries. During his study he came across several Tomes of gainly exercises, some of which he used, some of which he has not. He is currently looking for a book to increase his wisdom, and willing to trade.

The Order of the Flame

By David James Lindsay

The Order of the Flame is the smallest of the orders. Its philosophies are built around power and freedom. They believe that each man shapes his destiny by his own actions, and that ones destiny is actually a road to power and understanding. Laws are for those who wish to be controlled, boundaries are for those who wish to be trapped, and order is just a facade for suppression. The Flame inheritors also believe that power is necessary to achieve freedom, so that one may battle the 'evil' authorities . Flame inheritors care little about control, and more about having enough freedom and possessions for themselves and their friends. Each member of the Order of the Flame is encouraged to be strongly individualist and gain legacies in order to free those under the iron hand of order. This had led to some rather fanatical behaviour.

The symbol of the flame inheritors is a round, red steel disc with an embossed flame on its top. To any non-order members who inspect this, it is solid but strangely lightweight. However, it may be opened, and contains flint, steel, tinder and often crimson essence. These materials are often used in Inheritor initiation and funeral ceremonies. It may be worn anywhere on the body, but during a Conclave it must be clearly visible. Because the Order of the Flame is relatively small, there are no formal markings for rank, as it is made known by the carrying station papers on ones person and word of mouth. However, with the Orders expansion into Torreón, a new marking may be designed.

The Mystery of the Order of the Flame

The Order of the Flame is viewed by the public to be a mysterious cult of some sort. Few people understand their motives or what they stand for but do associate them with having a disregard for laws and boundaries and recognise that they are generally individualists who rarely fit into commoner society. The lack of understanding and the mystery that surrounds the Order of the Flame, generally makes them feared.

Cinnabryl and Holdings

The Order of the Flame has a large influence on the cinnabryl mines in Cimmaron and although they do receive a large percentage (about 23%) of the cinnabryl mined, they do not maintain a strangle hold on the mines like the Ruby inheritors would. Few of the people within the towns of Cimmaron even realise that their cinnabryl is being split between the inheritors, the LB Trading Company, the alchemists guild, the noble families and other factions before it even reaches the merchants.

The Order of the Flame owns several lucrative businesses in Cimmaron, Saragón, Torreón and more recently Texeiras, giving the small order a wealthy income. Businesses include brothels, casinos and taverns. They also have ties with the thieves guild and many alchemists, with whom they trade information, money and cinnabryl for discreet services.

Duties in the Order of the Flame

Duties in the order of the flame are carried out by a small group of people in Smokestone City, including the Great Flame, 20 trusted Advocates and about as many Licentiates again. All other members are told to go out into the world and adventure. The very words spoken at the end of their training days are "Go out and spread the flame, for wherever it burns there will be light!".

Torreón has become a new place for Flame Inheritors to thrive thanks to the Ruby's cinnabryl mine monopoly. A backlash and carefully timed propaganda has led some people to join the Order of the Flame in retaliation. This has opened a new area of growth for the order.

Rank and Station

The ruling of the order is unlike the others. Leaders are elected by direct competition in the form of combat. If the winner is the challenger, he will ascend to the new rank and the loser will be demoted one rank, receiving a vial of crimson essence. Once the loser has used the vial to gain a permanent legacy he may challenge an inheritor again. In such combats, one of the inheritors is expected to surrender. However it is not always so, and many of the Order of the Flame have died in such challenges after refusing to surrender.

The ranking order of the Order of the Flame is as follows:

The Great Flame -Leader of the Order of the Flame

Advocate of the Flame -Generals, officials and advisors to the Great Flame

Licentiate of the Flame -Assistants, Clerks, Treasurers, Supervisors, Adventurers

Initiate of the Flame -Adventurers, Labourers, Teachers, Adventurers

Associates of the Flame -Non-inheritor allies of the order

The Flame Ceremony

Flame Ceremony is a special event that takes place once an inheritor of the Order of the Flame reaches the rank of Licentiate. It involves a high ranking Advocate of the Flame burning the new Licentiate with the symbol of the flame, then bestowing healing upon him. The burning is symbolic of the challenge or duel that has taken place, and the healing is to clean the new Licentiate of any hatred he might still hold for his combatant. Upon reaching the rank of Advocate, there is another secret ceremony, which can only be performed by The Great Flame himself.

Drianor Mephal -The Great Flame

Chaotic Neutral Elven 15th level fighter berserker inheritor

Statistics: Str:18/92, Dex:15, Con:17, Int:12, Wis:12, Cha:14, Com:12

Hit points: 104, AC:-2, Grand Mastery in Long sword with Mastery in Two Weapon Fighting Style (Speed:2, Attacks:4/1, THACO:-1, 1d10+10/1d20+10)

Legacies: Spell Shield, Missile, Proficiency, Speed, Fight, Bite

Berserking Ability: Takes 10 combat round to start, +4 to some saving throws, immunity to some spell effects, +1 to hit, +3 to damage.

Items: Flame inheritor amulet, Ring of Fire Resistance, Two red steel long swords +2, Platemail Armour of Etherealness +4

Description: Drianor is a savage elf with black hair and tanned reddish skin. His eyes have irises that glow like embers and light up when angered. Exceptionally quick and deadly, he stands 5' 11" tall, and muscled like a large half-elf. Drianor has ruled the Order of the Flame for 11 years now and is expected to rule until his dying day. He is renowned for being the most barbaric elf in the baronies and the wildest fighter. Few people, even those within the order, know much of Drianor as he is shrouded in mystery. Order members meet him once upon completing their training to become inheritors. He greets them, places a hand upon their shoulder and speaks a short word of advice in their coming adventures. Sometimes he has been known to give out gifts to order members for no particular reason.

Leyluana Ydarivich "Sleeping Lotus" -Advocate of the Flame

Neutral Evil Aranean/Half-Elven 9th level Thief Inheritor

Statistics: Str:8, Dex:21, Con:10, Int:16, Wis:12, Cha:17, Com:17

Hit Points:38, AC:2/-4 parry, Proficient Main Gauche (Speed:1, THACO:15, 1d4+1/1d3+1) and Stiletto (Speed:1, THACO:13, 1d3+3/1d2+3) Two Weapon Fighting Style, Ambidexterity, Proficient in Dart Throwing (Speed:1, Attacks:3/1, THACO:12, 1d3/1d2), Disguise, Etiquette

Legacies: Blend, Disguise, Charm, Webcasting

Thief Abilities: PP:60%, OL:100%, F/RT:25%, MS:105%, HS:105%, DN:95%, CW:105%, RL:50%, Backstab:x4

Items: Main Gauche +1, Stiletto of Backstabbing (+3, 3d3 Backstab), Ring of +1 Dexterity, Tight Black Leather Armour +1, Poisons

Description: Leyluana is perfectly proportioned, slim and beautiful, 5' 3" with blue, brown, or green eyes and usually long black hair. She seems to show interest in no man when not on business, and talks in a sharp, acute Slag accent. Leyluana is one of the most deadly assassins in the Savage Coast, often posing as a pleasure girl or noble woman to allure her victims. She has lucrative city bathing businesses in Ciudad Real, Ciudad Matacan, and Porto Preto, which supply Dream-weed, Zzonga, and other illegal substances. To all in the Order of the Flame she is known as "Sleeping Lotus", her real name is kept even from her closest friends. In many ways, she is the Orders secret weapon, extracting information, assassinating, spreading rumour and misleading many important individuals to keep the order secret.

Quagran Jur "The Mauler" -Licentiate of the Flame

Chaotic Neutral Halfling 7th level Priest of Strength (Ixion)

Statistics: Str:18, Dex:11, Con:18, Int:14, Wis:16, Cha:7, Com:12

Hit Points:68, AC: , Proficient in Great Maul (Speed:5, Attacks:1/1, THACO:13, 2d4+4/1d10+4), Proficient in Sling (Speed:1, Attacks:1, THACO:16, 1d4/1d3),

Two Handed Weapon Style, Tumbling

Legacies: Fight x2, Speed (7 rounds)

Great Maul Becomes (Speed:3, Attacks:2/1, THACO:9, 2d4+5/1d10+5)

Spells: 5, 5, 2, 1 (Favourites: Light, Cure/Cause Light Wounds, Aid, Continual Light, Dispel Magic, Cure/Cause Serious Wounds)

Items: Platemail Armour, Exceptional Holy Symbol (500gp), Great Maul +2

Description: Quagran is without doubt one of the strangest Inheritors of the Order of the Flame. He is almost 3' 10", very strong and robust, with orange-brown eyes, dark brown hair and plain but odd features. Originally from Zvornik, he speaks very slowly with complete conviction in his highland voice, with just a small accent taint of Slag. He is serious about his priesthood and carries a great maul, which he stole from another priest of Ixion in Narvaez, though he firmly believes that "The Sun Prince" gave it to him. He was also "given" a high priests ceremonial holy symbol of Ixion on one of his visits to Narvaez. Though he is a priest of Ixion, he believes that he is not worthy of The Sun Princes presence, so only ventures out into daylight when he has to. He enjoys a pipe of tobacco, and a fire-side conversation on religion, legacies, or how to kill undead. He also secretly fires sling bullets into high windows to allow "The Sun Prince" in. He is now running a secret Flame Inheritor safe house in Ciudad Real.