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Mystara's Inner Planes

by Håvard

I thought I was done with this, but then yet another idea came to me.

Thanks to Cthulhudrew and Zendrolion for some underway consultation.

Opinions? Anything else that can be added to this map?

Question: Zendrolion mentioned the gate from Rugalov Keep from Dark Knight of Karameikos. I have not yet added this one. Anyone know what to make of it?

A few more things: As with the maps of the elemental planes (links below), this one uses the BECMI cosmology. I have added elements from PC1 (Dreamlands) and VotPA (Limbo) as well as locations from various modules and Gazetteers. I am making the assumption that the Spirit World of the Ethengars is another name for the Ethereal Plane, though it could also refer to all of the Inner Planes or even all the planes. I am however making the Spirits themselves natives to the Ethereal.

Some other locations:

Okay, I'm going to give you guys a version with the Spirit World references removed in a few days, but before that I wanted to share this version with you:

What I have done here is add the pocket planes (Blue Realm, Red Realm etc..) from M3 Twilight Callling. One modification that I mentioned earlier is that I made the Green Realm = The Dreamlands. I also added the reference Kingdom of the Moon to the White Realm, as a combination of M3 and X4(?).

What do you think? Should these pocket planes be part of the Inner Planes or do they belong among the Outer Planes?



A few more versions.

Version 3 incorporates some of the feedback from this thread with the Spirit Plane label removed. I have added the Ierendi Ether station from Honor Island has been added. I have also removed all the M3 craziness and made those Outer Planes.

Version 4 presents yet another possibility. Here I have linked the Spirit World, the Dreamlands. M3's Green Realm and Haven (from B3) as parts of the same plane. This is probably the version I will be using for my own campaigns in the future.

I have no plans for further versions unless some very specific ideas come up in the thread, but let me know what you think