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Tracking down clerics in Glantri

by Håvard

One idea to keep the PCs from running into too much official business trouble:

What if the mages of Glantri have summoned a kind of monsters to track down Clerics? That way the PCs can fight off these monsters without risking that they will be reported to the rulers of Glantri and dont have to murder a bunch of magic users.

Something like:

Inquisitor Hounds

AC 5
HD 4*
MV 120 (40)
Attack: 1 bite
DMG 1d6 (2d6 vs Clerics and Paladins)
No. appearing: 1d6 (1d6+3)
Save as: F4
Morale 9
Treasure Type C
Intelligence: 8
Alignment: N
XP: 125

Believed to be related to Spectral Hounds, these magical canines can track the scent of clerical magic. They will attack Clerics and Paladins on sight. They are natural enemies of Hsiao. They can only be harmed by silver or magical weapons. They suffer damage from Holy Water as if they were undead. They cannot be turned as they are not in fact actual undead.