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The Empire of Selhomarr: A Gazetteer

by Geoff Gander


Very little in known about the people of Selhomarr - Lhomarrian or Ilarnnian - by current Mystaran sages. In fact, if asked, many would doubt their existence. Only the DM has the full story of who they were, but players can discover this if they venture to the Hollow World...

Unlike many other cultures detailed by TSR and by enterprising DMs and players alike, the Lhomarrians do not have a direct correspondence with any real world cultures. This is because they are based upon mythological accounts of the people of Atlantis, as written by Plato and others. In their general cultural outlook, people will be able to find similarities with the Greeks of the Classical era, the Phoenicians, and other cultures, but overlaid by that of mythic Atlantis. The Selhomarrians are a combination of these and more. With this in mind, I will describe them as a people, their values, their way of life, and their society.

As a final note, this gazetteer will concentrate primarily on the Lhomarrian culture, history, and general outlook. This has been done for two reasons. First, the Lhomarrians constitute the overwhelming majority of the population of Selhomarr, so much so that not focusing on them would be highly inaccurate. Second, in terms of how both cultures interact with the world, the Lhomarrians are by far the major players in the affairs of Selhomarr; the Ilarnnians are just too isolationist to be a major presence in most campaigns, though do not by any means let this restrict you in your own game play. Generally speaking, nine out of every ten Selhomarrians encountered by visiting player characters will be Lhomarrian. Please note that more information is available in the Player's Guide on the peoples of Selhomarr.