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The Shadow Elves' Invasion of Alfheim

by Fabrizio Paoli and Hervé Musseau

Spring 1004: Atzanteotl Contacts Rafiel
Location: Pandius
Description: Atzanteotl meets Rafiel in the Central Dome of Pandius to ask him to take part in the Brotherhood of the Shadow. Rafiel agrees.
What this means: Atzanteotl believes Rafiel to be an entropic Immortal, so he asks him to join his side. On the other hand Rafiel learns that the Brotherhood of the Shadow's goal is to help the less powerful side (ie his side), so he doesn't refuse Atzanteotl offer. In the years to come Rafiel will play as a double agent for Rad.

Summer 1005: Atzanteotl Urges Rafiel to Act
Location: Pandius
Description: In a new secret meeting in the Central Dome of Pandius Atzanteotl suggests Rafiel to prompt the Shadow Elves to invade Alfheim as his participation to the cause of Entropy. Rafiel agrees and Atzanteotl offers him to provide the Shadow Elves with a new spell able to corrupt the Trees of Life, thus weakening the Alfheim elves.
What this means: With Sind seized by the Master and Alfheim controlled by Shadow Elves, Atzanteotl plans of crushing Darokin between the hammer and the anvil, thus giving the Brotherhood of the Shadow the chance of striking against Glantri, the Broken Lands, the Five Shires, Rockhome, the Emirates of Ylaruam, the Ethengarian Khanate, or Karameikos, to help whichever side the Brotherhood is supporting. Moreover the destruction of Alfheim is one of Atzanteotl's goals and Ilsundal one of his most hated enemies. Rafiel is not entropic but sees this as an opportunity to get rid of a dangerous neighbour for Glantri (Alfheim is led by the Ring of Fire) and to give his followers what he long promised them; however, he prefers not to involve his Shamans in this scheme, so he willingly accepts Atzanteotl's spell.

1005, Felmont 19: Xatapechtli Dreams
Location: City of the Stars, Shadow Elves Territories
Description: Xatapechtli, the head of the second Shadow, dreams of an ancient book about Trees of Life that is kept somewhere in Alfheim. In the dream an Azcan voice whispers him that he must find that book if he wants to take his revenge on the Alfheim elves.
What this means: Actually that dream is induced in Xatapechtli's mind by Atzanteotl, that has found a way to corrupt the Canolbarth forest and the Trees of Life. In the following months Serpent Eyes will look all over Alfheim for that ancient and invaluable book.

1005, Fyrmont 12: Theft in Feador
Location: Feador, Alfheim
Description: A group of Shadow Elves spies (Serpents) steal from Jorodrin Feadiel (Treekeeper of clan Feadiel) a book detailing what Ilsundal went through to create the Trees of Life.
What this means: Serpents found evidence of the book's current
Location: searching through the Mealidil Library Tree and quickly managed to steal it. Now Kanafasti can learn vital knowledge about Trees of Life.
What the PCs can do: If the PCs are Shadow Elves they may take part in the robbery or be part of the plot in some other way (looking for information, putting up diversions...). If the PCs are from Alfheim they may try to prevent the theft and perhaps uncover the plot.

1005, Fyrmont 27: Atzanteotl visits Kanafasti
Location: City of the Stars, Shadow Elves Territories
Description: Atzanteotl visits Kanafasti in incorporeal form and provides him with the knowledge needed to research a new spell that will eventually kill the Trees of Life and weaken the Canolbarth forest, thus allowing Shadow Elves to easily drive Alfheim Elves out of it.
What this means: Rafiel allowed Atzanteotl to provide Shadow Elves wizards with a spell that will help them invade Alfheim. Unfortunately, busy as he is in his studies with Rad, he didn't realise that Atzanteotl's magic will forever corrupt the forest, entropy being what it is.
What the PCs can do: The team of Shadow Elves wizards that is going to research that spell will surely need many components and they could hire the PCs to find them.

1006, Flaurmont 12: Research of New Spell Completed
Location: City of the Stars, Shadow Elves' Territories
Description: The team of experienced Shadow Elves wizards led by Kanafasti successfully completes the research of a new spell that will allow Shadow Elves to kill the Trees of Life.
What this means: Actually the spell is more powerful than what everybody (but Atzanteotl) think because it will corrupt not only the Trees of Life but the whole forest..
What the PCs can do: Experienced Shadow Elves wizards may take part in the research of the spell.

1006, Ambyrmont 17: King Telemon Prompts Kanafasti to Act
Location: City of the Stars, Shadow Elves' Territories
Description: In a secret meeting in the King's Palace between Telemon, Kanafasti, Xatapechtli and General Garafaele, the King urges the Royal Wizard to act now and orders the Radiant General to start drafting a wartime army.
What this means: Taking advantage of the confusion created by the meteor that struck in northern Darokin this summer, Telemon urges Kanafasti to start casting the spell.
What the PCs can do: Shadow Elves PCs may either help Kanafasti if they're experienced wizards or be drafted in the army according to their rank.

1006, Ambyrmont 24: Shadow Elves Wizards Start Working
Location: Caves just beneath Alfheim
Description: The most powerful mages among the Shadow Elves lead by Kanafasti gather in tunnels running under the Canolbarth Forest and start casting the spell that Atzanteotl gave them.
What this means: Tunnel Shapers worked hard in the last few months to build a big network of tunnels running all under Alfheim. This is the first step of the invasion, it will take at least a month for the spell to have appreciable effects and much more to kill the Trees of Life.
What the PCs can do: High level Shadow Elves wizards PCs can take part in the casting, lower level or non-wizard PCs may be needed to scout the tunnels and defend the mages from attacks by wandering monsters and Alfheim adventurers that might stumble upon those tunnels by chance.

1006, Sviftmont 4: Tree of Life Gives Ill Omen
Location: Ainsun, Alfheim
Description: As the forest begins to darken, the High Treekeper of clan Grunalf contacts his Tree of Life by casting ESP and the Tree tells him that it senses a great catastrophe coming. Soon the bad news spreads across the clan and to the other clanholds. Grunalf sages, the most learned about forestry and woodlore among the elves, gather in Ainsun to study the matter.
What this means: The darkening of the forest is the first effect of the Shadow Elves' magic, more mutations will follow in the next weeks.

1006, Sviftmont 28: The Sick Forest
Location: Canolbarth Forest, Alfheim
Description: Three weeks have passed since clan Grunalf gave alarm and the forest is even darker and more twisted. Trees stop growing new leaves and plants stop making flowers, herbivores strive to find eating. The elves are at loss to explain this strange disease, other than to guess that something in the fallout from the ash raised by the meteor that slammed in northern Darokin last summer is causing it. Trees of Life continue to make leaves, but feel a deep pain coming from the very earth trough their roots, while anxious Treekeepers search ways to reverse the process.
What this means: Actually the disease is caused not by the ash, but by the powerful Shadow Elves magic that is starting to take effect.

1006, Kaldmont 21: Death near Shieldtree
Location: Shieldtree, Alfheim
Description: Five elves are found dead and ten others seriously sick after drinking water from a nearby spring. Careful investigation reveals the water has been poisoned.
What this means: This is another consequence of the spell. By now the trees have stopped growing and leaves started falling. Small plants and many herbivores have already died. Carnivores have trouble to find game and many springs become poisonous.
What the PCs can do: If they're in Shieldtree they can be hired to investigate on this strange death.

1006, Kaldmont 28: Treekeepers meet in Feador
Location: Feador, Alfheim
Description: Increasingly alarmed by their Trees of Life that stopped growing leaves and unable to stop the process, Treekeepers from all the seven clans meet today in Feador trying to discuss on the matter. Treekepers from clan Feadiel and Grunalf agree on the need of relocating their communities somewhere else to prevent the Trees of Life from dying, those from clan Long Runner and Mealidil bitterly disagree on leaving Alfheim, though not even in the Annals of Mealiden is mentioned something similar to the current situation.
What this means: Treekepers are strongly alarmed by the withering of their Trees of Life and completely unable to reverse the process, so they start thinking of leaving Alfheim for a land not hit by the fallout of the ash raised by the meteor.

1007, Nuwmont 13: Lynnwyll Chossum Falls Ill
Location: Desnae, Alfheim
Description: Clanmaster Lynnwyll Chossum suddenly faints while working; he feels very weak and is brought home by his friends. Even the High Treekeper is much worried about his health.
What this means: This is not a natural illness, actually Carlisan, Counsellor to Lynnwyll and Shadow Elf, poisoned his Clanmaster to take his place.

1007, Nuwmont 15: Lynnwyll Dies, Carlisan Appointed Clanmaster
Location: Desnae, Alfheim
Description: After a short death struggle Lynnwyll dies, but before dying he picks Carlisan to replace him.
What this means: This is a major strike for Shadow Elves, now in full control of one of the leading clans.

1007, Thaumont 15: Council Meets in Elleromyr
Location: Elleromyr, Alfheim
Description: The Council of the Clans meets today in Elleromyr to discuss the proposal of clan Feadiel and clan Grunalf of leaving Alfheim. Only three clans (Long Runner, Mealidil and Red Arrow) vote against, so the measure passes. King Doriath charges his ambassadors in Glantri, Karameikos, Thyatis and Wendar to ask the local rulers and elvish clans for hospitality.
What this means: The once mighty trees of Alfheim are now twisted and dying, other plants are already dead and the animal population has drastically decreased. More and more among elves and fairies think that leaving is the best solution, but some still refuse to leave. Why leave: clans Feadiel and Grunalf are concerned about the Trees of Life; clan Chossum is now controlled by Shadow Elves and eager to sell cart, horses and whatever is needed for such a journey; clan Erendyl thinks this is the best thing for Alfheim. Why stay: clan Mealidil doesn't want to leave the country founded by Mealiden and thinks that an answer for the problem can be found looking in the books, it's just a matter of time; clan Long Runner mistrusts all non-elves, blames humans for this strange disease, so it doesn't want to have any contact with the outside world; clan Red Arrow is mostly concerned about the danger of such a trip, because of what's going on in Glantri, Darokin and Ethengar. What the PC's can do: Well known PCs adventurers from Alfheim may be sent to Glantri, Karameikos, Thyatis or Wendar as couriers by King Doriath. clan Red Arrow may also need experienced adventurers to scout possible flight ways across the Broken Lands, the Orcland and the Cruth Mountains.

1007, Flaurmont 11: Good News from Ambassadors
Location: Elleromyr, Alfheim
Description: By now King Doriath has received reports from all his ambassadors: King Stefan of Karameikos, King Gylharen of Wendar and Princess Carlotina of Erewan agree on giving hospitality to the elves of Alfheim, should they really need to leave the forest. Only the reclusive clan Vyalia in Thyatis refuse to help the elves.
What this means: About one month ago the Council of Clans decided that leaving the dying forest was the best way to save the Trees of Life. Now Alfheim elves know that there's someone that can host them and they've only to plan their flight. The war between the two factions of Immortals goes on as Emperor Tylion of Thyatis, advised by Vanya in her mortal form of Anya, forbids the Vyalia elves to host followers of Ilsundal.

1007, Flaurmont 23: Beholder Appears in Thornbush
Location: Thornbush, Alfheim
Description: Following a steady increase in the monstrous and evil activity near the Bad Magic Points, a Beholder appears today in the more and more dark area of Thornbush. The guards are unable to stop the multi-eyed monster and the creature starts wreaking havoc in the forest.
What this means: The increase in twisted magic level is a side effect of Atzanteotl's entropic magic.
What the PCs can do: Adventurers, either elves or human, can stage a hunt for the beholder and other evil monsters that will surely turn up in the following weeks. [Note: I put here a Beholder because it was the first thing that occurred to me, but DM are free to use this event to introduce new monsters. Take a look at the Creature Catalogue.]

1007, Yarthmont 7: Fair Folk Moves Away
Location: Dreamland, Alfheim
Description: Tonight, in a sad meeting of the Fairy Court, King Oberon decides to leave the twisted forest. The fairies will start leaving tomorrow, heading for Redstone on the western coast of the Isle of Dawn, where there is already a fairly big settlement of fairies. A small group of fairies will stop in nearby Darokin waiting for the forest to return to what it was just a few months ago.
What this means: King Oberon realised that the Canolbarth forest was every day more dangerous and inhospitable for his subjects to live in, so he decides they had better leave. Soon the elves will lose their "little brothers" and this will be both a new drive to leave and a terrible blow to their morale.

1007, Yarthmont 19: Small Elvish Settlement Destroyed
Location: North of Desnae, Alfheim
Description: A party of brave adventurers wandering in the forest stumble upon a small elvish community to find that everyone has been cruelly slaughtered. Evil monsters escaped from Thornbush are blamed for the murder.
What this means: The murder is the work of a small band of Shadow Elves that crept out of their network of underground tunnels. In the following months similar attempts to murder isolate Alfheim communities will be made.

1007, Yarthmont 20: Druid Makes Stunning Discovery
Location: North of Desnae, Alfheim
Description: A druid, member of the party which found the murdered community, casts a "Speak with the Dead" before leaving the village and discovers that the killer wasn't a monster, but a party of elves.
What this means: The druid couldn't learn which sort of elves were the murderers, but as soon as he reports his discovery to the military the fear and suspicion of Shadow Elves being behind this slaughter (and the whole thing...) spreads in Alfheim.

1007, Klarmont 16: Tree of Life Uprooted
Location: Feador, Alfheim
Description: After some months of deep research Treekeepers of clan Feadiel devised a way to uproot a Tree of Life for transportation without harming it. Today Jorodrin Feadiel (Treekeeper of clan Feadiel) and his assistants perform the ceremony and uproot their Tree of Life, keeping its roots in their original ground.
What this means: By now all plants and trees in the forest except Home Trees are dead; the Fair folk fled the forest and most animals have already died, while the number of monsters increases; and Trees of Life are nearing death too but if this ceremony is successful perhaps it will be possible to prevent the death of the Trees of Life.

1007, Klarmont 23: Tree of Life Looks Fine
Location: Feador, Alfheim
Description: The Tree of Life that was uprooted last week looks fine: ie not better than before, but not much worse either.
What this means: It looks as if the uprooting ceremony was successful. Now the seven clans of Alfheim know that they have a chance of saving their Trees of Life from the strange disease that struck the forest about eight months ago. In the following weeks Treekepers will be busy performing the ceremony on other Trees of Life and finding a new home for them.

1007, Felmont 1: Important Meeting in Elleromyr
Location: Elleromyr, Alfheim
Description: King Doriath, General Gilfronden, Captain Brightsword and their most trusted advisers meet in Elleromyr to plan the flight from Alfheim. The elves will split in two groups: clans Chossum, Red Arrow and Feadil will go south to Karameikos crossing eastern Darokin and the Cruth mountains; clans Erendyl, Mealidil, Grunalf and Long Runner will head north to Wendar crossing the dangerous Broken Lands and unfriendly Ethengar. Due to the ongoing humanoid invasion elves decide not to enter Glantri, where small groups of elves had already fled. The army will be split too: three warbands led by Captain Brightsword will follow the first group in Karameikos, while General Gilfronden will lead the remaining four warbands toward Wendar. A small Guard of experienced elves will be chosen to defend the Trees of Life, as soon as the Treekepers have found a safe place in Darokin where to leave them. During the meeting Shurengyla, cousin and special agent for King Doriath, tells the others about new sights of Shadow Elves moving stealthily in the twisted forest, unfortunately she has no evidence of a link between the Shadow Elves and the disease that struck the forest. However, Captain Brightsword stands up and swear to seek and kill any Shadow Elf himself.
What this means: This meeting is the normal consequence of the decision of leaving made on 15 Thaumont, soon the elves will start packing their bags and in a few months they'll leave the Canolbarth forest, now twisted, dangerous and uninhabitable. Shurengyla brought out a topic which has been haunting the mind of many elves for the last few weeks, ie that Shadow Elves and not the fall of the ash may be the cause of the death of their forest.

1007, Felmont 13: Arrows Miss their Target
Location: Alfheim
Description: Captain Brightsword is barely missed by arrows while patrolling the forest in search of Shadow Elves, but one of his most trusted advisers, a veteran of the war against the Huleans, is killed. The elves are unable to find the murderers, anyway they identify the arrows as coming from clan Chossum, long suspected of sheltering Shadow Elves. Brightsword decides to reach Desnae to meet the Clanmaster of clan Chossum.
What this means: This is not clumsy Shadow Elves' attempt at murdering Brightsword, but a way to draw him in Desnae.

1007, Felmont 16: Mind probe in Desnae
Location: Desnae, Alfheim
Description: Clanmaster Carlisan privately meets Brightsword, that blames him of housing Shadow Elves within his village. Using ESP Carlisan manages to learn unsuspecting Brightsword's true name and then casts charm person to put the Captain under his control. Then Carlisan assures Brightsword of not sheltering Shadow Elves and asks him to let a famous and trusted adventurer of clan Chossum join his patrolling group.
What this means: Now Brightsword, the most dangerous Alfheim Elf for General Gilfronden, is under the control of Shadow Elves. Anyway Carlisan knows that the spell effect will not last long, so he puts another Shadow Elf on his tracks with the task of casting a charm person on Brightsword every morning.

1007, Felmont 28: Starlight Legions Move
Location: City of the Stars, Shadow Elves Territories
Description: Radiant General Garafaele Galeifel orders Starlight Legions I-III to deploy in the area under Alfheim: Legion I in Alfmyr, Legion II in the Citadel of Saulia, Legion III in Narfrendal's Krak. Each Legion has 1020 elves, including 80 Skinwing Riders. [I put together the armies given in PWA II for Aengmor and City of the Stars]
What this means: Shadow Elves are getting ready for the final phase of the invasion.

1007, Fyrmont 7: Alfheim and Darokin Make a Deal
Location: Alfheim Town, Alfheim
Description: King Doriath and General Gilfronden meet elvish members of the Darokin Diplomatic Corp in Alfheim Town today. They discuss about relocating the Trees of Life on Darokinian soil with a mixed Darokinian- Alfheimer honour guard to protect them and about letting the elves freely cross Darokin should they really need to leave their homeland. King Doriath asks the DDC to keep maximum secrecy on this meeting.
What this means: Alfheim's rulers are making the final preparation to guarantee a safe escape for the elves.

1007, Fyrmont 14: Treekepers Meet Again in Feador
Location: Feador, Alfheim
Description: Treekeepers from the seven clans meet today in Feador to discuss the re
Location: of the Trees of Life. Shurengyla, cousin and special agent for King Doriath, takes part to the meeting. Treekeepers from clan Long Runner show a new spell that will make a Tree of Life look like a normal tree, thus sheltering it from hostile eyes.
What this means: By now all clans (except Mealidil and Long Runner) have performed the ceremony and uprooted their Tree of Life, so they're ready, though a bit perplexed, to relocate the dying Trees of Life in Southern and Eastern Darokin.

1007, Fyrmont 20: Clan Feadiel Moves its Tree of Life
Location: Feador, Alfheim
Description: To set a good example Jorodrin Feadiel, Treekeeper of clan Feadiel, orders its Tree of Life (actually a daughter of the one in the Sylvan Realm) moved in a forest in Southern Darokin, outside the twisted Canolbarth Forest.
What this means: Clan Feadiel is the first to move its Tree of Life, soon the other clans (except clans Long Runner and Mealidil) will start doing the same. The Trees will be relocated in the most densely forested area just beyond the Darokinian border, though not too close to it so that they will not be further affected by the sickening, or at least this is what Alfheim elves hope.

1007, Ambyrmont 1: The Council of Clans sets Evacuation Day
Location: Elleromyr, Alfheim
Description: About 11 months ago the forest gave the first symptoms of sickness, by now the forest is dead and the Clanmasters, gathered in Elleromyr for the last time, sadly decide to depart their beloved forest on 15 Ambyrmont. King Doriath and General Gilfronden are charged to carefully plan the departure. Anyway the decision is not unanimous: Beasthunter and Mealidan Mealidil, Clanmaster of clans Long Runner and Mealidil respectively, bitterly disagree on leaving the forest and warn the others that leaving the forest would only kill the Trees of Life and inevitably corrupt the elvish way of life. At the end of the meeting the Clanmasters greet each other, maybe for the last time.
What this means: The die is cast. Now that all Trees of Life but two are safely guarded in Darokin, time has come to leave the forest and reach Wendar and Karameikos, where the long-living elves can start a new life while trying to find a way to heal their withered forest. Anyway Beasthunter and Mealidil didn't order their Trees of Life uprooted yet as they're firmly convinced not to leave.

1007, Ambyrmont 2: Planning the Flight
Location: Elleromyr, Alfheim
Description: King Doriath meets his advisers to plan the flight. Shurengyla brings news from Glantri and Darokin showing that, while the humanoids are besieging Glantri City and destroying the countryside around it, their number in the eastern Broken Lands is somewhat decreased thus lowering the risk in crossing that area, and proposes to leave a few troops in Alfheim to defend the forest from likely Shadow Elves attacks. Anyway General Gilfronden still thinks that it would be a big mistake to spare troops from escorting the fleeing elves and order them to defend the twisted Canolbarth Forest. King Doriath trusts his old friend Gilfronden and decides to proceed as established on 1 Felmont.
What this means: General Gilfronden, actually a Shadow Elf spy, doesn't want to fight his brethren so, knowing that the invasion will take place in the upcoming month of Army, he advises King Doriath that he has better to preserve the army for what will be a dangerous journey.

1007, Ambyrmont 3: Messengers reach Clanholds
Location: Alfheim
Description: Messengers from King Doriath reach today the various Clanholds bringing the latest news about the evacuation. The flight will take place as decided on 1 Felmont: clans Chossum, Red Arrow and Feadiel, escorted by three warbands lead by Captain Brightsword will go south to Karameikos crossing eastern Darokin and the Cruth mountains; clans Erendyl, Mealidil, Grunalf and Long Runner, escorted by four warbands, will head north to Wendar crossing the dangerous Broken Lands and unfriendly Ethengar.
What this means: Now everyone knows what to do. Elves everywhere in Alfheim will finish to pack their bags and load their carts and beasts of burden, then they'll pull out of the dust their old swords, bows and spellbooks to prepare for what looks like a very dangerous trip. What the PC can do: Adventurers from Alfheim may organise armed rear-guards to protect their fleeing family, or may instead decide not to flee in order to defend their abandoned village from unscrupulous thieves, dwarves and humanoids.

1007, Ambyrmont 4: Beasthunter and Mealidil meet
Location: Mealidor, Alfheim
Description: Clanmasters Beasthunter and Mealidil meet today in Mealidor to discuss the message from King Doriath that they received yesterday. Both leaders are firmly convinced not to leave their homeland, but they must admit that the forest has grown increasingly dark, dangerous and inhospitable in the previous months and in spite of their long researches they haven't found the way of saving the dying Trees of life yet. They decide to stay and go on with the research until the spring, but they also decide to let the other clanmembers free to make up their mind whether to leave or to stay.
What this means: Both Clanmasters still think that they've better not to leave, but they certainly noticed a growing fear and uneasiness among their clans, so they decide to stay with the Trees of Life but without compelling the others to do like them. Obviously King Doriath and General Gilfronden won't be satisfied with this decision, the former because there will be few armed elves to escort the main group in the dangerous journey, the latter because the invading Shadow Elves will find a certain opposition in taking over Mealidor and Pinitel.

1007, Ambyrmont 10: Starlight Legions take Stand
Location: Shadow Elves Territories
Description: General Garafaele receives news about the Alfheim elves moves from his cousin Gilfronden and orders Starlight Legions I, II and III to deploy in the tunnels under the Canolbarth forest, which were built by Tunnel Shapers about one year ago.
What this means: Knowing that the surface elves will flee the twisted forest on 15 Ambyrmont, the Radiant General urges his troops to cover the 6,000 feet that divide Alfheim from the Shadow Elves Territories. The upward thrust of more than 3000 armed elves will surely drive several monsters out of their homes and many of them will pop up in Alfheim and attack the fleeing elves.

1007, Ambyrmont 15: Elves leave the Twisted Forest
Location: Alfheim & Darokin
Description: In a move that shocks the Darokinian folk, but, of course, not the well-informed DDC, the elves of Alfheim flee their country. Several long queues made of thousand of carts, horses and elves dot the Darokinian landscape departing like tendrils from the twisted forest and heading north-west to Corunglain and south-east to Selenica. Only about half the elves from clans Long Runner and Mealidil flee with King Doriath, the others decide to stay in Alfheim to defend their Trees of Life, their villages and their Clanmasters.
What this means: More than 70,000 Alfheim elves flee their twisted and darkened forest, as planned in the previous months. Even if the elves and the Darokinians are friends, such a huge exodus will surely cause a little friction with human farmers, as the fleeing elves cross their fields or frighten their cattle. Anyway this is a minor problem for the fleeing elves, when compared to what awaits them when crossing the Broken Lands or the Cruth mountains.

1007, Ambyrmont 17: Shadow Elves Strike
Location: Canolbarth Forest
Description: During the night well armed Shadow Elves troops enter the twisted forest creeping out of tunnels and quickly overwhelm the small groups of elves that stayed to defend their homeland, but they must retreat before dawn, because they aren't light-adapted yet. The fiercest fights take place by Pinitel and Mealidor, where the most numerous groups of Alfheim elves are, but, thanks to their superior number, the Shadow Elves manage to defeat their opponents before dawn. Before fleeing north the few survivors from clans Long Runner and Mealidil manage to disguise their Trees of Life using a spell. (See Fyrmont 14). A small group of Shadow Elves, equipped with magical amulets that allow them to ignore the effect of normal light, fights its way to Alfheim Town only to find abandoned buildings. For the first time skinwings fly over the darkened forest.
What this means: The Shadow Elves invasion has grown overt. General Garafaele decided to launch the attack on Army 1, a fasti day according to the Shadow Elves calendar, to further boost the morale of his troops and to please Rafiel and his shamans. As planned the Starlight Legions found almost no resistance in invading the forest, now their main problem is to adapt to sunlight, though the darkening of the forest caused by Atzanteotl's spell will make this easier. Anyway they'll secure their total control of the forest in about twenty days.

1007, Ambyrmont 18: Reactions to the Invasion
Location: Darokin City, Corunglain, Nemiston, Darokin
Description: Darokinian and elvish authorities receive news of the invasion from the fleeing member of clans today at about midday and react in different ways: In Darokin City a worried Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea puts his remaining troops on alert, as well as the Magistrates whose holdings border the Canolbarth Forest, meanwhile, knowing that the Darokinian army would be unable to stop a possible attack from the twisted forest, he urges the DDC to get in touch with this unknown invader. In Corunglain messengers from Clanmasters of clans Long Runner and Mealidil, whose Trees of Life are still in the Canolbarth Forest disguised as normal trees, prompt King Doriath to send back some troops to defend the forest, but the King, advised by his old friend General Gilfronden, decides to spare his troops for the long and dangerous trip through the Broken Lands and Ethengar. Anyway King Doriath allows groups of fearless adventurers from both clans to go back to Alfheim to collect news about the invasion. News of the invasion reach Captain Brightsword in Nemiston and he himself sees big birdlike creatures (actually Skinwings) flying over the forest. He is eager to order his warbands back into Alfheim to fight those much-hated Shadow Elves, but he knows that he has to cross the Cruth mountains before winter comes, so he decides to reinforce his rear-guard and to reach Selenica as soon as possible.
What this means: Shadow Elves were long seen as an elven legend outside Alfheim, so Darokinians are worried and shocked to see that they really exist, moreover Darokin never considered Alfheim as a possible threat and his armed forces, much reduced after the war against the Master, would be completely unable to stop an attack coming from the very centre of the Republic. The diplomatic way is again the only hope for Darokinians in the event of an attack. General Gilfronden doesn't want to fight his brethren, this is the true reason for his refusal to send troops to defend the forest. Besides he will surely warn the Shadow Elves that groups of adventurers are coming, so that they can be ambushed, thus providing him with a new argumentation to support his idea of not using troops in an impossible defence of the twisted forest.

1007, Ambyrmont 28: Party time at Atzanteotl's mansion
Location: Pandius
Description: There's a lavish party tonight at Atzanteotl's mansion in Pandius to feast the utter defeat of Ilsundal. Hel, Alphaks and Rafiel attend the party.
What this means: The invasion of Alfheim was a major stroke against Ilsundal, one of Atzanteotl's main enemies. Rafiel is not entropic and doesn't hate Ilsundal, but he has to attend the party to avoid Atzanteotl's suspicions.

1007, Sviftmont 9: Alfheim Town renamed
Location: Alfheim Town, Canolbarth Forest
Description: General Garafaele, accompanied by Princess Tanadaleyo (who personally participated in the attack (see "Son of Dawn")), enters today in Alfheim Town welcomed by his cheering troops, sets his headquarters in the former dwarven Guildmasters' Hall, the largest stone building in the town, takes possession of the city in the name of King Telemon and renames it Rafielton. King Celedryl Plaza is also renamed King Telemon Square. After exchanging messages with King Telemon via scroll of communication, Garafaele orders his troops to prepare the city for the King's visit.
What this means: This is the first official act of the Shadow Elves in former Alfheim. By now Garafaele's legions have conquered the whole, and somewhere they even occupied the Darokinian borderlands. Now they're celebrating their victory, but soon they'll have to start rebuilding and it will be a hard task. General Garafaele plans to destroy the wooden buildings in Rafielton and even the ironwood wall that surround the city, to replace them with the more familiar stone buildings and a solid stone wall.

1007, Sviftmont 17: Tanadaleyo crowned
Location: Rafielton
Description: In the square named after him, King Telemon renames the newly conquered Canolbarth Forest into Aengmor, after a near-legendary city they built and lost more than two thousand years ago, then he crowns his daughter, the Radiant Princess Tanadaleyo, as Governor of Aengmor. The Radiant General Garafaele is named Warlord of Aengmor. In a long speech the Radiant Shaman Porphyriel announcing that the prophecies of Rafiel finally came true and now they have a place on the surface where they can live under the sun and among green trees (or so they think), moreover she sets this day, King 5 according to the Shadow Elves calendar, as a new fasti day. Meanwhile in their underground cities other shamans are preaching similar things to the whole Shadow Elves population.
What this means: Everyone is happy here, let's see why: Tanadaleyo is ambitious and has long dreamed of being Princess of Alfheim, now her dream has come true. Garafaele has finally succeeded where his predecessors failed: conquering Alfheim and gaining a bright place in the Shadow Elves history. Telemon has long coveted the Canolbarth Forest and now he has it, and he did all this without help from the shamans !!! Porphyriel is happy because she can claim than the conquest of Alfheim is the will of Rafiel, thus strengthening the faith of his people in Rafiel, which was quickly dropping after centuries of privations and unfulfilled promises.