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Invisibility to Mundanes

by James Mishler

Invisibility to Muggles* (Illusion/Phantasm) 1st level Wizard spell
Range: 0
Components: V, S, M
Duration: Special
Casting Time: 2 rounds
Area of Effect: The caster
Saving Throw: Special

Except as detailed above, this spell functions in all ways as the 2nd level wizards spell invisibility, save that the effect of the spell is limited to affecting those beings that do not have "The Talent", ie, those beings that cannot cast wizard spells. In other words, the caster will be invisible only to those beings that are non-wizards; mages, specialty-wizards and bards will be able to see the caster as though the spell were not in effect. Note that some few 0-level NPC's DO have "The Talent", untrained though it may be, and can see the caster (this is a common way that new apprentices are discovered)! Also, any being that can innately cast wizard spells also has "The Talent", and can see the caster (most notably Faeries, some Giants and most Dragons).

Clerics WILL NOT see a caster that is affected by this spell unless they are specialty priests of a Power or Immortal of Magic (such as Mystra or Azuth from the Forgotten Realms, Boccob of Oerth, or Pflarr of Mystara); such priests are considered to have "The Talent". Note that the simple ability of a priest to USE a wizard spell as though it were a priestly spell does not grant that priest the ability to see a wizard using this spell.

As with regular invisibility, this spell remains in effect until it is magically broken or dispelled, or until the caster cancels it, or until the caster physically or magically attacks any creature (whether a Muggle or otherwise), or until 24 hours have passed. Note that simply touching a Muggle or otherwise physically interacting with a Muggle (and not causing damage) will not normally cancel the spell, though the Muggle that is being interacted with will get a save versus Spell to "see" the caster; if successful, the Muggle (and that Muggle alone) will be able to see through the illusion. A Muggle gets only one chance to see the caster, when first interacted with.

The material components of the invisibility to Muggles spell are the eyelash of a fairy that has the natural ability to turn invisible and three drops of homunculus ichor; these components are consumed in the casting of the spell.

*Note that the term "Muggle" is not used in Glantri; this spell is known as "Invisibility to Mundanes" in that realm and in Alphatia.