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Isle of Dread Timeline

by Håvard

BC 3000 - The Great Rain of Fire causes increased volcanic eruptions across Mystara. The Isle of Dread is formed off the coast of Davania. The geological upheaval causes forces from the Hollow World, the Spell of Preservation, to flow into the Outer World around the Isle, preserving ancient beasts which become extinct elsewhere.

BC 600 - Aranea and Phanatons escape from Aracne Prime's dominance on the world of Thorn (M5)

AC 1 - The Wizard Halkith discovers the Isle of Dread and does research on Phanatons.

AC 600 - Powerful Fairies make a copy of the Isle of Dread that they place in the Feywild. The Isle of Dread 2 occasionally shifts to the various Prime Planes including Greyhawk. It also retains a connection to its original, still found on Mystara. (4E)

AC 970 - Rory Barbarossa discovers Mystara's Isle of Dread. (X1)

AC 1000 - the Isle of Dread in Mystara is visited by adventurers seeking the treasure of Rory Barbarossa (X1)

AC1020 - The Feywild Isle of Dread blends over to Greyhawk, at the time of the Savage Tide.

AC1021 - Shademaw the Dragon makes a new lair at the Feywild Isle of Dread.(4E Monster Makeover)

AC1022 - The Orc Tribe known as Tyrantclaw are able to dominate the dinosaurs of the Isle of Dread, but are eventually defeated. (Lair Assault

AC1030 - Hyacinth the Druid, fearing that the Feywild Isle of Dread is threatened by powerful magicks, is able to move the Isle of Dread 2 to the Elemental Plane of Water.