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Isle of Dread: 5E conversion - new creatures

by Håvard

As I mentioned in the other thread, I finally got my copy of this book. The most significant discovery Iv'e made so far is that the 5E section specifically mentions Mystara. This is fantastic. Although published by Goodman Games, this was an official lisence from WotC. This means we finally have a new in print Mystara publication. The 5E section is not a mere rules update. It gives an overview of the Known World, expands on the Isle of Dread and adds new never before seen monsters, characters, spells and magic items.

New Monsters:
Adult Sea Dragon
Amber Golem
Ancient Giant Squid - NEW Monster
Awakened Wine - NEW Monster?
Bamboo Golem - NEW Monster? Possibly based on BECMI Wood Golem?
Brine Elemental - NEW Monster
Cave Lion
Ceratosaurus - NEW Monster
Coral Golem - NEW Monster
Deep Rothé - NEw Monster. Did not know what this was and description was minimal, but I guess related to these?
Drowned One (Sea Zombie) - NEW Monster
Eye of the Deep - Aquatic Beholder
Fire Lizard - Based on Lava Lizard?
Gargantuan Ape - NEW Monster
Gargantuan Crab
Gargantuan Poisonous Snake
Giant Ant
Giant Crab Spider
Giant Draco Lizard
Giant Horned Chameleon
Giant Marine Termite
Giant Oyster
Giant Quipper
Giant Soldier Ant - NEW Monster
Giant Tuatara Lizard
Glass Golem - NEW Monster
Grangeri - YES!
Ixitxachil - Devilfish?
Ixitxachil Cleric - Definitely Devilfish
Ixitxacthil High Cleric
Juvenile Purple Worm
Juvenile Roc
Killer Bee
Kopru Sovereign
Lava Ooze
Living Crystal Statue
Living Idol
Living Iron Statue
Living Rock Statue
Mottled Worm - NEW Monster?
Mud Golem
Mummified Saber Toothed Tiger - NEW Monster
Neanderthal Leader
Phanaton Bodyguard
Phanaton Tribal King
Phanaton War Chief
Pterafolk - NEW Monster? At least new in Mystara, but I love this addition!
Purple Wormling
Rakasta <3
Rakasta Tiger Rider
Robber Fly
Rock Baboon
Rock Baboon Alpha
Rock Python
Sea Hydra
Sea Snake
Skeletal Mastodon - NEW Monster
Skeletal Snake - NEW Monster
Spinosaurus - NEW Monster
Spitting Cobra
Stone Juggernaut
Swarm of Sandlings
Totem Golem - NEW Monster
Vampiric Ixitxacthitl - NEW Monster
Vampiric Ixitxacthitl Sovereign - NEW Monster
Velicoraptor - NEW Monster
Wastrilith - NEW Monster
Werecrocodile - NEW Monster?
Wooly Rhinoceros
Xochatateo - NEW Monster- type of filthy zombie
Zombie Shark