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Plants of Ierendi

by Robin

In my work on one of the smaller islands bordering Ierendi I came upon the following Plants mentioned in Gaz 4 Ierendi.
Although not all with a real name, I think they should be added to this list, so it can be updated and expanded.
I have added some new scientific names where these did not exist. other have their Real World scientific names easy to be found in Wikipedia

Among the more distinct plants of the Ierendi Islands is the rare Silversword, a tall column of long, silvery leaves that rfleect the sun like mirrors, eagerly sought by alchemists for its virtues in weapon enchantment. Suggested Scientific name; Glavius scintellea
Also sought by alchemists are the Clayflower (tiny clusters of yellow claw-like flowers) Suggested Scientific name; Unguiflos argentio
and the Hairy Cat's ear, rare plants found only in the Makalaui crater Suggested Scientific name; Hypochaeris hispidus
The rainforests are composed of tropical palms,
the tall, dark-leaved "koa" (a native mahogany), and giant tree-like ferns over 100 feet in height. Suggested Scientific name; Sweetenia ierendii
Dense thickets of Bamboo and wooden shrubs grow on dead vegetation, and vines and creepers drape from the treetops and tangle in the undergrowth.
Native edible plants, roots, nuts, and fruits abound the islands. breadfruit, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, coffee beans, coconuts, , and pineapple are grown on great plantations.
The Starchy Taro Root is the staple of native diets, served pounded into a thick paste called Poi.
The natives also thrive on fruits like Plantains, Guavas, and Papayas.
The islands are famous for their brilliant-colored ornamentl flowering trees and tropical flowers--in particular the orchids and hibiscus.