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Island of the Cannibals

by Sean Meaney

Now that the Immortals have stolen the Isle of Dread, How about a new point of interest for the Thyatians (Hattians). They begin colonisation of the Island of the Cannibals.

Island of the Cannibals

Located east of the Isle of Dread, this huge island is covered by jungle. But it is not all a Jungle of cannibals. Deep in the interior, buried beneath the Jungle canopy is the crater.

Here dwell an exotica of creatures.

On the Coast is Port Thincol which is involved in Slavery and harvesting of Logwood for timber and dyes. Port Thincol is a rough and tumble community on the edge of the increasingly cleared Jungle frontier.

Now all we need is to scale up a 8 mile hex map of the island that is bigger than Isle of Dread.