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by Håvard

Here is some more apocrypha for you:

Welcome to the Archipelago known as the Realm of Islandia. Separated from the Known World by strange water currents, it is not a realm of great kingdoms. Feudal lords rule their vassals with an iron hand as they live in constant fears of Northman raiders, Slavers, Hobgoblins, Human sacrificing Orcs and worse things that inhabit these islands. Rumour has it that the Necromancers of the Brotherhood of the Bolt have returned and the just folk of Wentworth are preparing for the worst. Only in the village of Hareth young men seek out to confront the injustices of the land. Magic is weak in these lands. In Islandia, men trust steel more than magic. And it is with steel that the realm shall be cleansed of its evils.

The Map
The map is really a product of guesswork, although some of it may be said to be educated guesses. John Wheeler based his Islandia Campaign setting map on a map of the Appalachians in Maine in the USA with a raised water level. While I have never seen the original map, I recreated this map based on roughly the same principles.

Dragon's Lake: Legends tell of a dragon who sleeps beneath this lake. (Based on a Vapourware product)
Geyser's Pass: A dangerous pass where steaming hot water sometimes shoots from the ground. (From Places of Mystert IV)
Grunder's Gorge: Dangers lurk in this stone Gorge. (From Places of Mystery IV)
Hareth: A village on the coast of Wentworth Island under the protection of Mayor Arpin. Although the village is peaceful, it is surrounded by From the module Curse of Hareth.
Slaver's Island: From the module Street of Gems
Slaver's Port: From the module Street of Gems
Wentworth Castle: Surrounded by the town of Wentsworth, this is the home of the Baron himself.
Wentworth, Barony of: The Baron of Wentsworth is one of the most powerful human lords of Islandia. (Introduced in the module Plague of Terror)
Treewarden's Isle: A forest realm (From Places of Mystery IV)
Orc Lord's Castle: Centre of the kingdom of the Man-sacrificing Orcs. (From Sacrifices of the Orc Lord - Vapourware)
Temple of the Bolt: This is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Bolt. They are an order of lightning worshipping Necromancers. They have been known to summon Bolt Wraiths (a.k.a. Evil Black Floaties) and other undead monstrosities. (From Brotherhood of the Bolt)

Location on Mystara
Islandia's connection to Mystara belongs in the realm of the apocrypha. Although TSR decided that Islandia should be incorporated into the D&D game, Bruce Heard has said that he never wanted Islandia to be part of the setting as he felt it was too different from how he envisioned Mystara. The official information on Islandia said that it was separated from the D&D setting (i.e. the Known World) by strange sea currents. Islandia could be a sort of Bermuda Triangle of Mystara. One possible location could be the Eastern Sea of Dread, south west of Thyatis, east of the Isle of Dawn. If so, it is likely a failed Thyatian colony. The Hollow World could also be a possible location for the setting. If so, the Hagvar Islands is a possible location. The Islandia culture could have been an offshoot of Milenian culture from the Sea of Dread which was later brought into the Hollow World. Magic is weaker in Islandia and that fits with the properties of the Hollow World.