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An Entropic Civil War Slash Pan-Sphere Island Hopping War

by Greg Weatherup
On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 19:44:38 +0200 Giampaolo Agosta wrote
2009/6/11 Greg Weatherup :

Bagni: I liked his role in a Ragnarok adventure I saw somewhere once.

Or maybe some troll is finally born (ie gifted by Bagni) with enough intelligence and cunning to become a BBG. Maybe the troll sets up a pyramid of cannibalism that allows a horde from Trollhattan or Trollheim to become a real menace to the surrounding lands.

Bagni is an interesting Immortal: he isn't truly worshipped by the Trolls, so he must look elsewhere for supporters. He's probably not bright enough to create a new race himself, but he might try to expand his following on humans (as mentioned in the quoted post), Thoul (who are part-troll) or other creatures. Or he might try to "manipulate" someone to create a new half-troll race (like the Thoul, but breeding faster).

ok, its late at night/early in the morning and I should be sleeping but let me see if I can spit ball something out and tell me if it makes sense....

The Kara-Kara are cannibals right? and they are already a pseudo-half race so that should help to make it easier to cross them with trolls.... Tell me if this sounds plausible:

Panzuriel (Saasskas) worshiping pirates begin attacking the Kara-Kara more and more frequently and with greater and deadlier successes.
Gorrziok (Empyreal of Matter), patron of the Kara-Kara and Bagni decide to co-operation against Saasskas.
Gorrziok is about creation and destruction as a cycle, well a troll-orc race would be creating a destruction force right? Gorrziok would promote creation and destruction in one act and help his (her? Is Gorrziok male or female?) followers the Kara while dealing a blow to his (her?) enemy Saasskas. Bagni would get an in to another cannibalistic group of worshippers (becoming the third deity of the Kara-Kara trinity) and would get his half troll race.
Saasskas doesn't know how to react to this cross sphere stroke directed at him (her? yikes, what about Saasskas? male or female?) so turns back to his/her patron Demogorgon.
Demogorgon, opponent of Orcus, sees "Orcus's lackey" (Orcus was Bagni's patron) attacking his/her (this time it's both his and her!) previously forgotten apprentice [Saasskas] and so sees this as a way to indirectly attack Orcus and claim a new island for his/her lizardkin.
Orcus uses this as an excuse to try to take over the aquatic undead from Saasskas (as well an opportunity to respond to and oppose Demogorgon) and joins in.
Poor Gorrziok suddenly finds himself (herself?) in the middle of the entropic sphere's civil war and doesn't know how to extract himself (or herself?) without abandoning the Kara-Kara and suffering a stroke.

so the war is-
Gorrziok (Empyreal of Matter), Bagni (Celestial of entropy), Orcus (Eternal of entropy) vs.
Saasskas (Celestial of entropy), Demogorgon (Eternal of entropy)

and the proxies of the war would be-
Kara-Kara, the new Half-Troll-Half-Kara/Orc's, terrestrial undead, evil lycanthropes vs.
Pirates, Aquatic Undead, lizardkin

Gorrziok, more cautious now, considers his (her?) options, neither of which are good-

route A:

turns to his (her?) ally Zalaj (Empyreal of Time) for help, perhaps Zalaj teaches the Kara-Kara magic but Zalaj's involvement results in Zugzul (Hierarch of Energy) joining the other side (opponent of Zalaj and a war deity) and now they are faced with a Hierarch of Energy, not a pleasant prospect, as well as however it might further escalate.

route B:

turn to his (her?) patron Ka for help or advice on how to get out of the situation, but Ka would probably refer the whole thing to the council, but after WotI and what happened with Rad who knows where those chips might fall....

or route C:

try to fight it out as is (with the current slight advantage to his {her?} side), risking that 1) his (her? their?) side can win and 2) no one else joins the fracas (how much fighting would have to take place on the sea before Protius notices?)

Does that make sense or do I need to go to bed and get some sleep?

I think I confused myself with the pronoun's... It's a genderbending entropic civil war slash pan-sphere island hopping war! (ok I do need to go to bed I'm just crazy talking {typing?} now.... goodnite)