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Return to In Search of the Unknown part 7 "A Kobold can Breathe Fire?"

by Greywolf-ELM

Tyco and the remaining Orcs begin grumbling about the recent leadership decisions Gorga has made. When will he make up his mind? Attack, run away, attack, now we leave to rest. This is not good. Rhgl hears the grumbling, and rocks tumbling over each other in his brain can almost be seen as he starts plotting again. He has not made his feelings known about the warband leadership for some time now. Through the magic of his earring, Gorga can tell that the Orcs are dissatisfied with him. "Why did he run? Those demons did something to his mind, and he did not like losing control like that." The warband makes it back to the recently used rest area, in the old throne room, where the two dire weasels were killed.

Gorga and Sharraxtharkul get any wounds bandaged, while Shglsnor and Hobna watch the hallways. Iirkh is standing in the doorway, making sure no one tries to get past him.


"That did not go too badly." Buimbu congratulates himself. The largest and most effective warrior has been neutralised, and the rest of the Orcs are wary of taking his measure. "I must have that one back." A message spell should do the trick nicely, first however, the Dretches must be recalled. "Come back to me my demonic friends, let us regroup." The answer is not long in coming.

"Yes, we come."

That taken care of, Buimbu casts his spell. "Iirkh, return to me, your friend Scrag has attacked me, return to defend me." The kobold begins to smile, and smoke wafts up from the edges of his mouth. He moves to the mouth of the hallway to his room, and lies on the floor, as if he dropped there after being attacked.


Rhgl and Gorga see Iirkh turn his head as if listening to something, and watch him turn and run back down the hallway. He is heard to say. "Iirkh coming little kobold. Will stop Scrag from hurting you."

Gorga turns to the warband. "Wait here, I will get Iirkh to come back."

Rhgl makes his way over by Tyco, and begins talking to the wild eyed Orc.
"Poor little Rhgl feels as though the leadership in this band is not what it seems to be. While, Gorga looks out for us, he does not show the leadership needed. Another should take his place." Tyco begins nodding his head.

In the hallway, running after Iirkh, Gorga hears 'Gorga cares for us, he does not show the leadership needed. Another', and the voice trails off. Still unable to discern voices, he is not sure who made the comment. It will have to wait; Iirkh can not be allowed to run off and get killed or worse; used against the warband.

Iirkh runs up quickly, to find the kobold lying on the floor in disarray, as if he was beaten up. "You Ok kobold? Scrag hurt you?"

"Yes Iirkh, yes but I will recover. I will go into my cave and get some healing magic. Please stay here and make sure that Scrag does not come back."

Iirkh helps Buimbu to his feet, and the sly kobold feigns a limp as he walks back to his room. He flies over the oil pooled on the floor, as it may still be useful.

Seeing the kobold safely in his room, the Half-Ogre turns to guard the passage. Soon, the two Dretches come up the hallway, skulking as they go. Thinking the Half-Ogre under the control of the sorcerer, they attempt to bypass him and head to the kobolds room. This is where the sorcerer was not thinking. Iirkh, does not consider the Dretches allies, and did combat with one of them earlier, and Buimbu did not tell him not to attack the demon spawn. Within moments, the two Dretches are splatters on his club, and fizzle out of existence. Buimbu realises his mistake as he hears the sounds of battle, and in his head hears the death scream of both creatures.

The heat of battle has cleared Iirkh's mind, and he turns to gain vengeance upon the kobold that controlled his actions with magic so recently. Rushing down the short hall, he bursts through the door. Gorga rounds the corner and catches sight of Iirkh smashing the door. Scrag is also making his way back carefully, to avoid confronting the Dretches alone.

Seeing the focus of his anger, Iirkh begins to feel a rage building within him, which he has not released in battle yet. So far none have challenged or angered him so much. With a roar of rage, he begins a rush at the kobold, and promptly slips in the oil he is standing in enraging him further.

Seeing Iirkh slip to the floor in the oil, Gorga rushes up to aid the Half-Ogre in the combat he knows will soon follow. Scrag sees Gorga rush up the hallway and begins to rush forward as well. While wary of single combat with demons, the Orc is no coward.

Grinning wickedly, Buimbu recalls the required components for Slurm's Smoking Spittle. Incanting the proper phrases, and hawking some saliva in an exaggerated manner, Buimbu spits forth a mouth full of saliva, which transforms into a burning ball of ectoplasm.. The little glob of fire flies from his mouth, and lands in the pool of oil, exploding with a sharp crack and a cloud of smoke. The smoke is mostly obscured by the blazing oil, but the smoky shape of a red dragon can barely be seen circling over the impact area.

Rolling out of the fire, Iirkh rights himself, and moves toward the kobold as the initial burn of the oil begins to die down. Gorga jumps through the edges of the fire to stand near the half-ogre, which is right where Buimbu wants them.

For months now, the kobold has been feeling the growth of his ancestral powers within. He has already used the culmination of this power to slay the tribe chieftain and take control of the tribe. He will use it again now. Sucking in a deep breath a smouldering furnace is kindled within, Buimbu breaths forth a super-heated gout of flame at the two dumbfounded Orcs. Both are burned badly, and Iirkh rushes into battle while Gorga sends arrows flying from a distance. The arrows have a beneficial side-effect of keeping the sorcerer from casting spells. The Half-Ogre stands up to the flying kobold, swinging away with his greatclub, while the kobold uses his ancestrally enhanced claws and bite to tear at Iirkh.

Scrag comes running into the room, and risking an attack by the flying kobold, manages to flank the creature, allowing Iirkh to land the killing strike. A wicked smash with the club sends the kobold to the floor, where he remains still, leaking fluids from ears and mouth.

With the object of his rage now gone, Iirkh slows and drops to his knees. The extent of his burns, claw and bite wounds become apparent. Turning a little pale, the Half-Ogre falls forward on his face.

Seeing his most powerful warrior fall, Gorga takes quick stock of his surroundings. The kobolds bed of coins and gems is nearby, and what looks like a small cache of potions. Rushing over, Gorga grabs what looks to be a powerful healing draught. Rushing back over to the fallen compatriot, Gorga rolls Iirkh onto his back, and begins pouring the potion down the half-ogre's throat.

Iirkh begins to sputter and cough, and sputter, but Gorga directs him to continue drinking.

"It is healing you Iirkh, drink it."

With Iirkh back on his feet, the three begin searching through the treasure of a Kobold tribe. Iirkh rips the bracers from the dead kobold, spitting on the body.

"These mine now."

How he intends to use them, neither Gorga nor Scrag asks him.

With some effort, Gorga sends Scrag back to gather the rest of the warband.

"Tell them, Buimbu and the Dretches are dead. We have treasure to claim."

Scrag runs off into the passageway, wondering what will be left when he returns.

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