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The History of the Ispan People: Some Notes

by James Mishler

The Grand Duchy of Ispañola ("Ispanyola") (sounds just the real world "Hispañola", only without the initial "H") is the Ispan state that existed from 794 through 862 AC, in the northern section of the Shadow Coast on the Isle of Dawn...

Nueva Ispañola is the easternmost island in the Thanegioth Archipelago. It was settled in 875 AC by several thousand Ispans and remains an Ispan stronghold to this day.

España ("Espanya") is the region of the Savage Baronies settled by mixed groups of Ispans and Aranjuez, Espadi-descended Alasiyans.

Verdaña ("Verdanya") is the region of the Savage Baronies that was settled by Ispans and mixed groups of Yavi and Huleans.

Cubia Occidental is the largest isle in the Western Thanegioth Archipelago, settled by groups of Ispans that did not complete the journey to the Savage Coast; subsequently, many Yavi, Sindhi and Huleans settled in the region. Many of these islands are now occupied by Ispan pirates. The entire region is now known as the "Karakarine", named after the indigenous tribes of Humanoids that were discovered to occupy the isles... (see module X8; this should in no way, shape or form be taken as an insult to the Caribe or other native of the RW Caribbean; the name of the Kara-Kara was merely a fortuitous coincidence)...