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[BECMI/RC] Magical Items granting bonuses to General skill/ability score checks

by Håvard

I feel like even later editions with more emphasis on skills didn't really integrate this concept into the selection of magical items. What are some magical items that can affect General Skills?


Misc Magical Items

Misc magical items may have the effects below, but may also be combined into other items. For instance, a Saddle+3 of Riding may also be a Saddle of Invisibility for instance.

Thief Skill items

Thief Skills need items too! In this case, the bonus goes from +5%-+25% (+5% counts as a +1 item for enchantment purposes).

Enchantment Procedures.

A spellcaster may create such items the same way he would a magical weapon etc. However, he needs to posess the skill in question or work with a specialist who posesses the skill. If another PC helps out, providing the knowledge of the skill in question, that PC cannot do adventuring or training etc during the time it takes to create the item.

What do you think? What are other ideas for items that could be used in connection with the General Skill Rules or Ability Checks for those not using those optional rules.