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Ylari Itinerant priest

by Giampaolo Agosta

Role: Itinerants are wandering cleric-adventurers. They roam the Emirates, spreading the word of the Eternal Truth, helping the local governments through their skills, and searching adventure.

Requirements: As Priest of the Eternal Truth, Itinerants must be Lawful.
They usually aren't Evil, since the Itinerant life does not appeal to the power-hungry. In addition to the Wis requirements for Clerics, they must have a minimum Cha score of 9, since they have to deal with the complex etiquette of the Alasiyan society.

Class Modifications: Itinerants receive the same spells as other Priests of the Eternal Truth, and are able to turn undead.

Weapon Proficiencies: Itinerant may select any blunt weapon, plus dagger and scimitar.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Itinerant receive the Storytelling and Ceremony (al-Kalim) proficiency for free. They must take the Etiquette and Religion (Eternal Truth) proficiencies.
Recommended choices are additional slots in Religion, either broadening the Itinerant's knowledge of foreign cults, or focusing on the Eternal Truth's theology; Local History and Information Gathering, since the Itinerant is also a dealer in news and gossip; Riding, Land Based, either horse or camel specialty.

Equipment: Itinerant priests outfit themselves as they like. However, they always display their holy symbol prominently.

Special Benefits: through their travels, Itinerants receive many useful pieces of information and get many contacts. Moreover, the local authorities and temples will support the Itinerant, as long as he remains in good standing with them. Itinerants will receive hospitality in the zawiyas for an unlimited time.

Special Hindrances: as he can receive help and information from the locals, the Itinerant is bound by his vows to help his fellow believers, and the local authorities, both civil and religious, will prevail upon him in times of need.
Moreover, the Itinerant is supposed to travel from village to village.
While he is free to stay at the local zawiya, the prayer leaders frown upon lazy Itinerants, and tend to find lots of errands that will keep him busy.

Starting Wealth: Itinerant priests receive standard funds.