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Item/pocket dimension creation spells

by Kyle Knight

Level: 1
Range: 5 yds/level
Duration: 5 rds/level
Area of Effect: 1 creature or object
Saving Throw: negates
+/- 10% per level of caster to a MAX of +200% or MIN of 1/10 of an inch
Guardian's Scribe
Level: 1
Range: Special
Duration: Instantaneous
Area of Effect: 1 page or book
Saving Throw: Special
Makes a perfect copy of a map, letter or other written/drawn document. CAN also copy spells from a new spellbook into the caster's spellbook or from one scroll to an empty parchment while leaving the original intact.
Guardian's Pockets
Level: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 12 hrs +1 hr/level
Area of Effect: 1 garment
Saving Throw: none
Prepares a finely sewn robe, gown, cloak, girdle or other high-quality garment/container(50 gp minimum) to contain numerous hand-sized pockets. These pockets will hold a MAXIMUM of 15,000 cns (250 cu ft) in 1-100 pockets of 15,000 @ 1 pocket to 150 cns @ 100 pockets (250 cu ft @ 1 pocket to 2.5 cu ft @ 100 pockets). If a backpack, pouch or sack is used as the container it MUST be specially made costing 10 times the normal price.
Guardian's Shadow
Level: 5
Range: special
Duration: 1 day/level
Area of Effect: special
Saving Throw: none
This spell causes the casters shadow, & the shadows of up to 1 other WILLING person per 2 levels of the caster, to animate & act as a butler for the spells duration. It can carry up to 400 cns or push up to 800 cns across smooth surfaces. Should the caster & his shadow work together, they can carry up to 3,000 cns or push up to 6,000 cns across smooth surfaces. This spell can only be used inside the caster's home &, unless made permanent, must be recast every time the caster needs the Shadow's services. The Shadow can go anywhere inside the caster's home & has access to ALL the caster's General Skills; but, on its own can only cook, clean carry, open doors & tend to its Master in case of sickness: IF the caster knows the General Skills of First Aid/Healing &/or Natural Healing.
Guardian's Tomb
Level: 5
Range: 20 yds.
Duration: 1d4 hrs. +1 hr./level
Area of Effect: 30 sq. ft./level
Magically creates a sturdy structure made of stone or wood w/ a number of rooms equal to the casters level: each of which is 30 sq. ft. in size, level, clean & dry. It has a sturdy door, 2 or more shuttered windows per room & a small fireplace in each room. The structure can withstand winds of up to 100 miles per hour &, depending on any other spells used during casting, doesn't include heating, cooling or food/water. The structure w/stands flames & fire as if it were made of stone, regardless of material used & is impervious to normal missiles. The door & shutters all Wizard Locked & the chimney(s) are secured w/ an iron grate & narrow flue. In addition all of these areas are protected by a Watcher Spell. Lastly a special "Butler*" is conjured to wait on the caster. (One extra "butler" appears per guest accompanying the caster.)(* created by the spell: Guardian's Shadow) When cast the interior MUST be visualized by the caster or the structure will be completely empty of furnishing. However, should the caster first create a scale replica of his intended structure, complete w/ furnishing, the spell will summon that instead: enlarging it upon the caster's command. In this case, the replica MUST cost no less than 1,000 gp PER room. If the caster uses the replica AFTER gaining a new level; but, BEFORE upgrading the replica, the spell will update the replica accordingly; but, cost the caster 5 TIMES as much gold as there are new rooms added.

A map of Guardian's Tomb done w/ Dungeon Crafter. *Subject to change @ Guardian's whim*