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Ierendi Tournament Questions

by Marco Dalmonte

OK, following Aleksei's example, here it's some of the questions I normally ask to my players when their PCs try to participate to the Ierendi Tournament. If they answer and get enough points (each question gives some points, depending on the difficulty level), then they can advance and begin the duels. It's a sort of Knowledge Test all the applicants have to pass: you need a score of at least 70 out of 150 points to qualify for the crown competition. Note that these are questions that all the PCs (and therefore the players) CAN know: there are not DMs' secrets.

As usual, i advise to answer by memory and later check in the books if you want. I'll give u the answers at the end of the week. Enjoy! ;)


PS: some of questions have been changed. Normally the original questions included public feats accomplished by or caused by the group of my PCs, but since you don't know my campaign.. Anyway, if you want to use this quiz, I advise you to insert a few questions on the feats of your PCs, so to give them a bit of popularity and satisfaction. ;) PPS: after each question the value for the correct answer is indicated

ECONOMICS (Total: 30 points)
1) What's the exchange rate for 1 gp in silver pieces and electrum pieces? (1)
2) What's the name of the Thyatian gold piece? (2)
3) What's the exchange rate for 1 Glantrian Crown in gold pieces (in Glantri)? (2)
4) Name 1 imported and 1 exported good by Ierendi (6)
5) What's the wealthiest nation of the world after 1010 AC? (3)
6) Name at least two nations of the world that don't impose taxes on its inhabitants. (5)
7) What's the Sales Tax? (3)
8) Name at least one nation of the Old World that doesn't use the gold piece (2)
9) Name at least one major feature of the Darokinian economic system (4)
10) How much does a longsword normally cost? (2)

HISTORY (Total: 30 points)

1) Who was the first Thyatian Emperor? (2)
2) Who's the current (AC 1014) Emperor of Thyatis? (1)
3) List at least two important events that changed the political scenario in the old world from AC 1009 to AC 1014. (2)
4) Who is the current (AC 1014) Chancellor of Darokin? (3)
5) When and why Rockhome broke all the diplomatic relationships with Glantri? (4)
6) Who is the most prominent figure of the Ylari history and why? (3)
7) When did Ierendi become an independent Kingdom? (5)
8) What is the Spikes' Assault and when did it take place? (6)
9) What is the oldest nation of the Old World? (2)
10) When did the Heldannic Knights take over the Heldann Freeholds? (2)

GEOGRAPHY (Total: 30 points)

1) Name at least three of the Ierendi islands. (2)
2) Which nations border on Ierendi? (3)
3) List at least 6 capitals of the Old World nations (2)
4) What's the most populated city of the Old World? (1)
5) What's the name of the most important river of Darokin? (3)
6) Which countries does the Overland Trade Route cross? (5)
7) Where is the Great School of Magic (city/nation)? (1)
8) What's the longest river of the Old World? (4)
9) What's the highest mountain of the Old World and where is it located? (6)
10) Name at least three provinces controlled by the Empire of Thyatis (3)

MAGIC & RELIGION (Total: 30 points)
1) What is the holy book of the Eternal Truth? (4)
2) What is the symbol of the Heldannic Knights' Order? (1)
3) What is the official religion of Ierendi? (3)
4) To which Immortal belongs the "Silver Moon" symbol? (2)
5) Who is the Immortal Patron of Justice and Revenge? (2)
6) Name one clerical and magic-user's spell of levels 1 and 2. (2)
7) List all the powers of a (OD&D) Staff of Wizardry. (6)
8) What are the requirements a Magic-user must satisfy to cast a Wish spell? (5)
9) How many "Cure" clerical spells do exist? (1)
10) How is the Multiverse divided according to the recent Theories on the Planes of Existence? (4)

MISCELLANEA (Total: 30 points)

1) How many calendars are diffused throughout the Old World by AC 1014? (3)
2) What are the main festivals and holidays of Ierendi? (4)
3) How many of the current Sheriffs of the Five Shires are women? (3)
4) Who is Oran Meditor? (1)
5) What are the true names of the so called "Northern Reaches"? (2)
6) Name at least two nations where slavery is legal. (3)
7) Name one country where the ruler of the nation is also the head of the Church and of the army? (2)
8) List all of the current (AC 1014) Principalities of Glantri. (5)
9) When does the so called Day of Dread occurs? (1)
10) What is Chi and where is it located? (6)