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Iulius Sergius Scaevola

by Giulio Caroletti

Iulius Sergius was born in Port Lucinius the 17th of Flaurmont 980, first son of the senator Publius Sergius. His family is one of the oldest of the Thyatian aristocracy. The young boy is raised in the family military tradition, but at the age of 16, he is asked to join the Army instead of the Navy, to allow his younger brother to do so; this because his brother Phileus is the clear favourite of the family. Iulius Sergius, who had never shared his family's fondness of the sea, agrees without problems. In the following years, after a 2 years training period, he is sent to the Hinterlands, where he is employed as an Elite Unit Soldier. Several years of campaign first, and of helping the first colonists later, give him the rank of Centurion (Sergeant Instructor) when he finally comes back in 1003, when he is assigned to the XXth Cohort, located in his hometown. When the war with Alphatia starts, Iulius is sent with the cohort to Redstone, where he valiantly fights for two years, until, in the summer of 1007, he is one of the officers that surrenders and is captured by the invaders. A few months of hardship as a prisoner end when he is freed by a small group of guerrilla fighters of the Isle of Dawn. With his new companions, Iulius leaves for Furmenglaive, where he is heavily involved with the guerrilla troops, and gets in touch with Count Phileus Furmenglaive. In 1008, he returns to Port Lucinius, with the survivors of the XXth Cohort, and is made Praefect (Captain), being one of the survivors with the highest rank. The XXth Cohort is then completed with many young recruits, and he spends the whole year first training them, and then guiding some occasional support troops in the naval skirmishes with Alphatia. When Alphatians enter Thyatis in 1009, Iulius and the XXth Cohort fight in the most bloody battles of the War, among which is notable the Battle of Retebius, a bloodbath that will be remembered as the worst in nearly two centuries of Alphatian/Thyatian conflicts. Iulius Sergius Scaevola loses his left eyes, and receives wounds that make his right arm unusable- a macabre irony for a man whose surname Scaevola in the Thyatian (RW: Latin) language means 'Left-Handed'. Fortunately for him, when the war is over, Iulius succeeds in finding clerical help that can cure his physical damages, although severe scars still show his past wounds. The brave Captain has also fought against the Thothian undead in year 1012 and 1013, then he returned to Port Lucinius, with the duty of re-organising his Cohort, according to the new armies' improvements designed by Thincol and his counsellors; this was again interrupted by the War of the Crown, where he sided definitely with emperor Eusebius.

Appearance: Iulius Sergius Scaevola is now 36 years old, and has spent half his life in the Army. He is a tall man, although he doesn't seem the fighter-type, being not particularly muscled, and rather of thin building. He has dark brown eyes and black hair, kept very short, and a short beard that begins to show hints of grey. He has a deep scar over his left eye, and his right hand and arm are full of burning scars, caused to him by an Alphatian fireball [hint hint! heh heh heh] during the Battle of Retebius.

Personality: Iulius Sergius Scaevola is a two-faceted man. When he is in duty in the Army, he is a humourless officer that dislikes firmly every incompetence, a pragmatic, practical, overly efficient son-of-a-bitch; he hates indiscipline, and is takes too seriously all matters concerning his duties; when he is not in service, he is a humorous person, a very nice and tolerant guy who is especially fond of jokes and non-senses, and spends every permit travelling through the Old World. he has been twice in Glantri, a nation he finds very interesting, but he isn't fond of Karameikos, especially after the War of the Crown, and believes Ylari and Ethengars are savages out of place in a civilised world. He is a very patient person, and is very calm and cold, so he can be very useful in difficult moments, but he is a very ponderative man, and can also become very irritating when quick decisions are to be taken. This could also be a reason why he is just a Praefect, and not a General: he is the perfect lieutenant, but is not really bright and daring enough to be a commander. Anyway, he's a capable and honest official. Iulius Sergius Scaevola is a long-term friend with Vivianna Romanones, but is in very bad relationships with his younger brother Phileus. He is a strong supporter of Eusebius, because he thinks that the nation needs more than everything stability, now, and Eusebius could be the right man for providing it to the Empire.

OD&D Game Stats:
Str 11, Int 12, Wis 15, Dex 11, Cos 13, Cha 14
Fighter 24th level
Alignment: Lawful (LN)