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Ixion's priesthoods

by Ramses Ramirez

For all his priesthoods, Ixion demands a lot of worship, so that all his priests must spend 1 hour every day honouring him or their spells won't be granted that day until resting a day and honouring the Immortal.

Ethengar Khanates
Clerical alignment: LG
Min Ability Scores: Int 13, Str 13
NWP required: none
WP required: scimitar
Weapons Permitted: scimitars, axes, maces short sword, dagger/dirk, longbow, short bow, lasso
Armour Permitted: leather armour, chain mail, all shields
Spheres of Influence:
Major Access to All, Combat, Protection, Law, Divination, Healing, Charm
Minor Access to War, Sun, and Elemental Fire
Powers and Abilities:
Obtains the NWP "Military Tactics" for free
Priests get a +1 to their Turn Undead rolls
Obtains the spell "detect lie" at first level
Can cast "produce fire" 3/day
Prophecy- Once a major conflict/war begins against a nation that the priest is fighting for, once or twice a month the priest receives "visions" of how the enemy troops will be arranged. In game terms, he has ideas of very rough, preliminary enemy battle tactics and can then begin formulation of pre-battle battle tactics. These visions will never be completely "clear" however and depending on how the PC construes them could be a mixed blessing.

Clerical alignment: any non-evil
Min Ability Scores: Wis 16, Str 13
NWP required: none, Recommended: charioteer-driving WP required: none
Weapons Permitted: dagger/dirk, stick, mace-axes, normal, short swords, polearms, staff, sword-staff, axes, clubs, maces
Armour Permitted: Nithian plate mail, textile armour, helmet
Spheres of Influence:
Major Access to All, Sun, Plant, Combat, Thought, Creation,
Minor Access to Animal
Powers and Abilities:
can cast any spell from magic-user school of Elemental Fire
infravision at will
5th level- light spell 1/day
10th level- flaming sword at will, + 1d4 additional flame damage to each attack
Berserker rage- if insulted, WIS check at -4 or go berserk (+2 att, dam) for a number of rounds equal to priest's level
+1 bonus to heat exhaustions checks for every 3 levels XP
Turn Undead +1 to rolls

Ixion (in all his manifestations and forms)
Clerical alignment: any neutral alignment
Min Ability Scores: Wis 13, Str 13
NWP required: none
WP required: none
Weapons Permitted: jambiya (Indian dagger), katar (Indian dagger), tulwar (Indian sword)
Armour Permitted: all shields, no armour
Spheres of Influence:
Major Access to All, Necromancy, Combat, War, Plant, Creation, Healing, Animal, Law, Protection, Sun
Minor Access to none
Turn Undead +1 to rolls
Can cast "produce flame" 3/day
After 3rd level can shapechange 3/day each into a turtle, horse, or elephant
Incite Berserker Rage- Priest takes one round to incite a fighter companion into rage (+2 to hit, +2 to dam) . The duration of the rage is 6 turns and the fighter is not winded thereafter.
Energy Drain- Can suck out energy of creatures that are old for their species (DM's discretion). With every hit suffered, target makes a saving throw vs. paralysis or lose 1HD as if hit by an energy draining monster.
Modified version of "bless"- Makes land fertile (and encourages plant growth) that has been affected by drought. Has area of effect of 1/640 square miles and a duration of 6 months. This "bless" is a 2nd level spell.
NOTE: Sindhi priests get the proficiency "Military Tactics" for free.

Azcan Empire
Clerical alignment: any non-evil alignment
Min Ability Scores: Wis 16, Str 13
NWP required: none
WP required: none
Weapons Permitted: club, staff, sling, bola
Armour Permitted: leather armour, shield
Spheres of Influence:
Major Access to All, Sun, Creation, Elemental Fire, Combat, Healing, War
Minor Access to Animal
+1 HD at level 1, and +1 to hp thereafter (as with Azcans)
Immunity to all of Atzanteotl's pre-sacrificial subjugation spells and spell effects such as "Atzanteotl's Hand"
All Azcan priests of Otzitiotl gain infravision equivalent to dwarves and elves
Can cast magic from wizard school of Elemental Fire
Turn Undead +1 to roll
Berserker rage if insulted (as with Horon clerics above)
Can cast produce fire 3/day
At 10th level, weapon held can becoming flaming adding 1d4 points of damage to each attack

FINAL NOTE: From the magic restrictions in the HW boxed set, in AD&D terms, HW priests will NEVER have access to the following spheres: Charm, Summoning, Divination, Necromancy, and Animal. In addition, no "hold" spells work in the HW. Lastly, as a result of the Spell of Preservation, the HW priest needs a WIS of at least 16.