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Ixion's Speciality Priesthoods

by Giampaolo Agosta

Following our discussion on specialty priesthoods, we found that a single priesthood was not enough for the variety of Ixion's followers. Based on Knud Gentz's original priesthood, I devised these specialty priest classes for various Ixion cults.

Standard Granted Powers:
cast wizard elemental fire spells (38)
produce fire 2/d (10)
turn undead +1 ( 8)

Narvaez (Light, Sun, Holy War, Power, Life)
      All, Sun, El. Fire, law, divination, Creation, War, Healing (non-rev), Protection, Necromantic (only curative/raise dead spells): (266)
      Weapons: Horseman's weapons, sword (sabre, falchion, broad, long, bastard and 2h), medium and heavy lance.
      Armour: All
      Powers: standard

Centaur (Nature, Sun, Centaur race)
      All, Animal, Sun, El. Fire, Divination, Plant, Creation, Healing (non-rev), Protection, Necromantic (only curative/raise dead spells): (311)
      Weapons: Horseman's weapons, any lance, any bow.
      Armour: All
      Powers: standard, but no extra Fire spells

Nimmur (Fire, Sun, Wisdom, Balance, Enduk race)
      All, Sun, El. Fire, law, Guardian, Divination, Creation, war, Healing (non-rev), Protection, Necromantic (only curative/raise dead spells): (259)
      Weapons: Any bludgeon (mace or club preferred), flight lance, light crossbow.
      Armour: All (Bronze Plate is preferred)
      Powers: standard

Yazak (Sun, Moon, Seasons, Order)
      All, Sun, El. Fire, Law, Divination, Weather, War, Healing, necromantic, plant: (278)
      Weapons: Short Bow, Light lance, Javelin, Dagger, Knife, Spear (slightly less than Piercing weapons, say -10)
      Armour: non-metallic (-25)
      Powers: standard, + talismanic magic (as per City of Gold, page A15)

      Creator Aspect: Creation, Necromantic, Healing (non-rev) (106)
      Preserver Aspect: Protection, Law, Guardian, healing (107)
      Destroyer Aspect: War, Combat, Chaos, Healing (rev.) (110)
      All Aspects: All, Sun, El. Fire, Divination, plant (140)
      Weapons: Any Bludgeon (Creator),
            Any Piercing (Destroyer),
            Any Small (Preserver)
      Armour: All
      Powers: standard +
      Creator: Gift of Life (25)
      Preserver: Calming Aura (20), +2 ST vs Fire (5)
      Destroyer: Inspire Fear (10), Turns as 3 levels higher (+5)


Narvaezan priesthood also includes War Priests. The Thyatian priesthood (Sacred Order) would be fairly similar, with more focus on order and wisdom, and less on war. Priests come from all Lawful alignments.

Centaur cult focuses more on Ixion's creative nature rather than on his Fire aspect, due to the destructive properties of this element. Priests come from all non-evil alignments.

Yazak priests derive their tradition from the Oltec cult of Ixion. They are based on Maztican Sun Priests. Priests are Lawful Neutral or True Neutral.

Sindhi priesthood is spread over the three major aspects of Ixion in that culture (Ayazi/Himayeti/Aksyri). Allowed alignments are any Neutral for the Preserver, any non-Evil for the Creator, and any non-Lawful for the Destroyer.

Nimmurian (Enduk) priests are usually Lawful Good.

Other specialty priests of Ixion are found in the Wallara Lands (Wallara Mendoo), Ethengar (these would be similar to the Goblinoid priests). Other nations where Ixion is known are likely to worship him through pantheists.