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Izonda Region

by Francesco Defferrari

I have some more on Izonda, here is a 24mph draft map I believe was made by Thibault but never completed where I named many cities of the nation... I'll try to complete it with the names of places and cities in surrounding nations soon...

Obviously there is also my original entry here

And also here is a brief discussion about it I think I made with Geoff on the davania group, some years ago:

- And now Izonda. Pure izondians live in the plains, hills and mountains around the central lake. In the rest of the empire they have military forts.
the others inhabitants of Izonda are Lizard men, troglodytes and Sis'thik in the south. A lot of tribes rebels to imperial authority and many servants of the empire.
Desert gyerians in the south. Conquered by izonda now serve as scouts for the army.
A city of Sollux and Izondians in the south
Dark zebrataurs, in the north grassland, a faction of zebrataurs hated by others zebrataurs because they are loyal to the izondian empire.
Conscricted Humanoids, in the hills of the north. captured around 800 bc then united to the empire like German barbarians in the late roman empire
Tangor province. Humans of tangor descent with just a few orc-kin blood, in the west desert
Pale Humans province, in the north east. Humans of mixed oltecs, blackmoorian, varellyan blood conquered by Izonda and always ready to rebel.
Dragon province. Evil dragons with lizard men and Sis'thik servants. Allied of Izonda against Pelatan, live in the north west of the empire.
Sis'thik conscricted. A chain of tribe near to the border with pelatan
Griffons of the southern hills. An intelligent kind of black griffons, created by izondian in ancient times with clerical magic for military purpose. Still many of them serve in the army.
Here is, as you can see, ten different races and cultures, and even the pure izondians are divided in clans based on religion tradition. I think i could make quite a varied nation.

- This stuff is good. I would think the borders with Kwythellar/Kilmur,
Shami, Korva Plains, Pelatan, Shain, and the Arican tribes are "porous".
The exact lines may be precise on a map, but in reality, the lines move back
and forth, or aren't even really defined that well, since central control
doesn't always get out that far. Plus, regional rivalries would ensure that
conflict is frequent - even if it's only raiding.

- Sure, Izondian border is never fixed, and something allied tribes rebel against the empire. And invasions from other kingdoms are very frequent.