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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Ja was born 23 cycles ago in the plains of the Toralai tribe of the Neathar people. He grew up a strong, capable warrior but also was a devout worshipper of Thor. He has proven himself numerous times to be a strong defender of his tribe against another Neathar and at the same time a loyal worshipper of the deity of honour and courage. He recently has become a paladin of Thor, having passed several difficult tests to achieve this distinction.
Personality: Ja is a nice guy, if a tad brutal and barbaric at times. He follows the codes of honour, courage and justice set forth by Thor and works hard to help his tribe. He is honest and always willing to help a fellow tribesman, but is terribly shy among the tribe's women, who often succeed in unnerving him to no small extent.
Appearance: Standing 6'4' and weighing 175 pounds, Ja looks the part of the barbarian warrior to a T. He has dark skin (for a Neathar), long brown hair and wears a headband and loincloth, though nothing else. He certainly would not be recognised as a paladin by any who do not know him.
Combat Notes: He is a 12th-level paladin of Thor. AC 7 (Neathar bonus); hp 50; at 2; d 2d4+12 (grand master with spear+3, strength bonus, Neathar bonus); S 16, I 12, W 6, D 9, Co 10, Ch 12. Languages: Neathar. General Skills: Endurance (Co), Plains Survival (I), Muscle (S), Wrestling (S), Tracking (I), Hunting (I)