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Jaelynix the Blue Scourge

by Tim Haney

In the Sind Desert between the Twin Oases and Kesret Oases lays the mountainous lair of the old blue dragon Jaelynix. She has controlled the southern mountains and the desert to the south for over 600 years. Only in the last fifty years has she become a threat to the travellers the oases of the southern Sind Desert when she reached an agreement with the Sis'thik in the area. Agreement might not be the correct word as she gave the creatures little choice but to serve her or become an evening meal.

Jaelynix was looking to expand her realm sixty years ago. She met with defeat for the first time in her 768 years when she attempted to gain control the Burning Wastes. She was severely injured by a clan of fire giants living in the Wastes and no longer has the use of her left wing. Unable to fly, she has employed the Sis'thik as the guardians of her realm and has them to attack any travellers between the two oasis looking for any artifacts that might help her restore her lost wing.

Jaelynix's lair lies at the base of a mountain that overlooks her desert. She has an extremely bad disposition and will destroy any creature that dwells before her after she has lost interest in them. The last contact she has had with any being, besides the Sis'thik, was a large band of adventurers that had hoped to slay her. Alerted to their approach by the watchful Sis'thik, she awaited the fools as the quietly entered her lair. Using her breath weapon from behind an illusionary wall, she decimated the party the waded into the midst of the party slaughtering with tooth and claw. The Sis'thik captured the two that survived the initial attack as they fled. Jaelynix had them skinned and they now decorate her lair's entrance as a macabre sign of welcome.