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Jaggar's Dweomers

by Bob Kaelin

Jaggar's Iron Army (Alteration/Divination)
Type: Transport (x3), Reveal (X3)
Range: Plane (Mostly Principality of Aalban)
Duration: 1 Day
Base Diff: 280
Final Diff: 28
Prep Time: 1 Day
Casting Time: 1 Turn
Area of Effect: Province (Also Aalban)
Saving Throw: n/a

Jaggar created this True Dweomer based on an idea given to him by his friend Herr Rolf von Graustein. Rolf now incorporates the 20k emerald required for this spell into each new Iron Golem he creates and has retrofitted all existing Iron Golems with them. (The acquirement of the emeralds was a major quest into the Elemental plane of earth by the PC's, for the curious.)

This Dweomer allows the caster to facilitate the use and movement of a number of Iron Golems under his command. (The necessity for creating the golems, and having them take orders from the caster is an exotic condition). With this spell, Jaggar may teleport any number of Iron Golem's under his command anywhere within his Principality (but to only one location per round.) He may give any subset of golems under his command a simple order (like kill the mage attacking you) or may give one golem a more specific instruction (like pick up the body of the mage and carry it back to my tower.)

Jaggar may see through the eyes of any golem he chooses one per round, but this requires complete concentration during that round. When Jaggar peers through the eyes of one of his golems, it's eyes light up with a bright golden light. He can use any detection spell he currently has active, detect magic, evil, etc. of below 5th level through the golem's eyes as well. When Jaggar uses a golems senses, he also has a fairly good idea of how injured the golem is, and what the golem has been doing the past few rounds. The death of any golem affected by this spell will send a signal to Jaggar (which will not harm or distract him) to make him aware one of his has fallen.

Any round in which Jaggar doesn't use a golem senses, issue commands (either simple commands to many or detailed commands to one) or teleport any number of them anywhere he may cast any other spell or use any other power freely.

The viewing powers and teleportation powers of this Dweomer are unaffected by any other magic of less then True Dweomer status. This was discover by some poor Alphatian mages who though themselves save inside their Prismatic Spheres. Only to be surprised (and bludgeoned) when 4 Iron Golems appeared inside their spheres. Large amounts of lead or very large amounts of stone will prevent the viewing powers however.

Conditions on this spell require the golems to be embedded with 20k+ emeralds prepared for this spell specifically (which are not destroyed in casting) and Jaggar is required to remain with his inner sanctum while casting. (A rare condition) should he leave his tower the spell duration immediately ends.

Material components for this spell are as follows:
one cold iron sword for every golem to be affected (common)
A detailed map of the principality (rare),
a battle standard Aalban from a victorious battle (rare),
the wing of a dragon (rare)
any semi-sentient iron creation (iron cobras, golems etc.) (exotic)

The creation used as a component is consumed in the spell. Jaggar tries to use simpler creations but has no qualm about sacrificing an iron golem to use this spell if necessary.

History: Jaggar has used this Dweomer twice in the past. During the final days of the war with Alphatia, when the council finally began it's assault on Glantri itself with summoned creatures and hurling devastating magics Jaggar used this power to send his 83 iron golems to defend his principality (The number of golems is given in the Glantri Boxed Set). In the 2 days of using this spell (he cast it twice) he has confirmed that he has slain 8 Alphatian council members, and forced a dozen or so more to flee as well as a lot of lesser mages and their summoned creatures. Jaggar lost 38 of his golems, and Rolf has already begun to replace those.

In the 2 days of using this spell Jaggar destroyed 90% of all summoned creatures called into his principality. Basically he and Rolf used crystal balls and reports from his army to locate areas of trouble then sent a legion of Iron Golems to the spot. By contrast most of principalities have barely cut the number of foul creatures (IMC 3 years after their summoning) by half.

Jaggar's use of this spell had an unforseen side effect. Reports of Iron Golems so far spread over the Principality have lead some of his fellow princes and others to assume Jaggar has a supply of thousands of Iron Golems hidden all over Aalban. Jaggar can barely suppress a smile when he hears this rumour, but does nothing to discourage it. He will only use this spell if his principality is threatened severely (and it's use only requires him to take 2 days off from defending all of Glantri which he still keeps up on through communication spells to his lieutenants).

Flight of Dragons (Alteration)
Type: Fortify (x2), Transform (X4)
Range: 100 yards
Duration: 1 week
Diff: 310
Final Diff: 6
Prep Time: 1 day
Casting time: 1 round
Area of effect: 24 beings
Saving Throw: Neg

This Dweomer transforms the affected beings (qualifications for the beings come later) into Wyrm Gold Dragons, with all of their powers and abilities (with the exception of dragon magic). Those affected instinctively know how to use all of their powers and abilities like flight, breath weapon, spell-like powers, and all attacks. In all respects, for 1 week those affected are Wyrm Gold Dragons. They can speak any language they knew previously, but may not cast spells (even if they could before).

This spell does not guarantee the loyalty of those affected, but those loyal to the caster before it's casting will remain so. (And Jaggar carefully screens the alignments of those he considers using this spell on.)

This spell puts a tremendous strain on the forms of those affected and only beings of name level and above (9+) with a very high stamina (17+ Con) can survive the spells affect. (Jaggar has composed an elite company of warriors for just such an emergency.) Any being of less levels or less Con dies upon being affected by this spell (but may be raised normally). (These warriors are a rare condition.) This spell may only be cast by a Dracologist (or one who was trained as a Dracologist). (Also a rare condition).

The material components Jaggar intends to use are:
a piece of clothing from every being to be affected (common)
a painting of a man and a dragon using very expensive oils (at least 5000 gp.)
painted by a renowned artist. (rare)
a tooth of a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon, freely given to the caster (Exotic)
a non magical weapon used to strike the killing blow of any dragon of adult or higher age. (also exotic)


Jaggar has never cast this spell. Since his understanding of the nature of immortal dragons he's realised that casting of this spell would consume the essences of many dragon spirits. This would annoy the Great One to no end, and would probably seriously harm the relations of the two. He has, however, gone to the trouble of gathering the necessary components, and forming an elite military unit to cast this spell upon. Jaggar will only use this spell if all other hope fails, and the armies of Glantri's enemies have laid waste to most of Glantri. (He was close in the end of WotI but couldn't bring himself to destroy so many dragon spirits until all hope was lost. Then his enemy sank so that solved that little problem.)

This spell is one of Jaggar's most guarded secrets (and that says something there). He has no intention of letting anyone, especially the Great One, learn of it's existence, until there is no other choice. Jaggar has not attached his name to this spell (a rarity for mages who make such powerful magics) because he does not want to be known in the History of Dragons as the person who caused them so much harm should it become necessary. He will agonise over his decision, but will do it to defend his nation.

Jaggar's Thunderous Strike (Invocation/Evocation)
Type: Strike
Range: Line of Sight
Duration: Instantaneous
Difficulty: 160
Final Diff: -12 (still fails on a % roll of 1-5)
Prep Time: None
Casting Time: 1 Round
Area of Effect: 50x50 area 5' high. (1250 cubic feet)
Saving Throw: 1/2

This spell creates a blinding blast of pure force to strike the area of effect doing 20d8 +20 damage to all beings (save for half damage). At least one target in the area must be engaged in a combat act (attacking by melee, missile or spell). (a rare condition.)

The spell will break through any defensive spell of less then True Dweomer status that may try to stop it. It doesn't dispel the effect, just ignores it's existence for purposes of the attack.

The material components of this spell are:
any weapon (common),
the tooth or claw from a dragon of young adult or older (rare),
a horseshoe worn in battle by a warhorse (rare),
the shards of diamond shatter by a single blow from a Great Wyrm Dragon (exotic),
a cloth dampened by the tears of a grieving widow (or widower) (exotic)

History: This spell is Jaggar's heavy artillery on the field of battle. He uses it on archers or spellcasters who are doing damage to his troops but staying out of melee. He's used it a dozen or so times so far (he actually chooses to personally notify family members of slain heroes in battle to gain the tear soaked cloth component, not an easy task emotionally).

He doesn't hide this spells existence, but most of his fellow mages just assume it's some normal, but very powerful, Invoker thing.

That's all I have so far for Jaggar's True Dweomers. If we can decide on what other mages might translate into higher then 20th level (The book says it requires just 20th, but since there are so many I've upped the requirement to above 20th.) I'd be glad to try and fashion some spells form them as well.