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Jalawar (Mumlyket of)

Location: Southwest of the Atruaghin Plateau, south of Shajarkand, northeast of Jaibul. OW

Area: 13,500 sq. mi. (34,965 sq. km.).

Population: 65,500.

Languages: Sindhi, some Thyatian (Darokinian dialect).

Coinage: Sindhi Standard: guru (25 gp), rupee (5 gp), bhani (gp), khundar (sp), piaster (cp).

Taxes: See Sind. Rani Drisana Madhar has long tried to change the caste system in her mumlyket; now that she is back in power, the tax distinctions due to caste may change.

Government Type: Feudal monarchy. The ruler of Jalawar (called the rani) owes fealty to the Rajadhiraja (King) of Sind, Chandra ul Nervi.

Industries: Agriculture, trade (salt, silk, cotton, rice, and especially tea).

Important Figures: Drisana Madhar (Rani), Inay Paramesh (Former Rajah).

Flora and Fauna: See Sind.

Further Reading: Champions of Mystara boxed set, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.