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by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Ogres, Patron of Vengeance, Patron of Torture, Prince of Nightmares

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 5th (Initiate), CE, Entropy
Symbol: a cauldron filled with a sickly green bubbling liquid
Portfolio: ogre and evil giants, vendetta, torture, violence, fear, destruction
Worshipped in
: Savage Coast (Hule), Davania (Addakia), Known World (Broken Lands, Darokin, Karameikos, Rockhome), Norwold, Skothar (Nentsun)
: a huge towering ogre with a green acid substance covering his body in place of his skin, without clear facial features except for a deformed snout-like appendix. His voice is always gurgling with hatred and his body writhes with anger.
History: Jammudaru was an ogre that lived on the fringes of the Great Waste during the first half of the XIII century BC. During the Great Drought and the following humanoid migration, Jammudaru raided the human settlements and massacred hundreds of Sindhis looting water and food for himself and his clan. Because of his cruel actions he brought upon himself the devastating curse of a powerful adventurer he met during one of his raids, and the curse turned him into a monstrous shambling an putrescent humanoid with no resemblance to his former self. Filled with anger and scorn, he tracked down the human who had caused his mutation and captured him together with his companions. He tortured them for hours and finally boiled them alive in a great cauldron filled with hot oil and green slime, devouring their corpses. Still fuelled by a never-ending rage, he started a campaign of blind destruction and mayhem against powerful Sindhis and innocent people alike, until his evil deeds got caught by Orcus, who guided him on the path of Entropy. Jammudaru finally became immortal in XII century BC, after much slaughtering and massacres he committed in Sind, Hule and the western Known World. He is now patron of brutal vendetta (done for rage or justice), of destruction and torture, and is considered the patron of the majority of ogre communities all around the world. His cruel cult is also welcomed among the most brutish and evil hill giants.
Personality: Jammudaru embodies pure hatred and he pushes his followers to commit extraordinary acts of violence to avenge any offence made against him or them. He preaches the sanctity of torture to vent one's frustration and hatred onto others, freeing his followers from this powerful feeling before it consumes them. The nickname Prince of Nightmares comes from his maniacal lust in inflicting pain and torture on his enemies and on innocent people alike, plunging his victims into frightening nightmares which become a painful reality.
Jammudaru is a loner without allies, but has a couple of real enemies. He hates Tarastia with passion, since she teaches a too strict and measured justice, while he preaches to give in to hate and resentment to feel and enjoy vengeance. He is also an enemy of Halav, who hates all humanoid species.
Patron: Unknown [Likely: Orcus]
Allies: none
Enemies: Tarastia, Halav
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Neutral and Chaotic; Clerics must be Chaotic
Favoured weapon: none (allowed all bludgeoning and Large sized weapons)
Clerics' skills and powers: +1 bonus to Strength, free Torture general skill. A cleric of Jammudaru earns the double XP value of an enemy if he cooks him alive in a cauldron while singing hymns to Jammudaru.
Avengers' skills and powers: if he cooks in a cauldron and devours his enemy (not an animal but an intelligent hostile creature), he recovers 1 hit point for each HD of the murdered creature (it takes 1 turn per HD to eat the victim)
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Entropy, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Vengeance
Preferred weapon: Great axe
Sources: GAZ10, HW, WotI