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by S. Lentz

well I decided to send this to the list anyway sorry its been so long since I promised, any replies of good or bad would be welcome. I know this is identical to the Star Wars but at the time that's what most people wanted I could create a better more Mystara unique if enough people wanted it perhaps with spells instead of psionic abilities (although psionics fit better). Also be willing to change the names of the class and items if you like. If you are not familiar send me and e-mail and I'll tell you the basic rules for using these powers and stats of the powers however I suggest getting either complete psionic hand book or Players Option: Skills & Powers (latter has a better rule system).

Description: The Jedi's were a ancient order of fighters cantered in the ancient civilisation of Blackmoor. There purpose was to create order in the then chaotic world of Mystara. They were known throughout the world for there Gallantry and honour in the heat of battle and trademarked for there great skill in the light sabre and amazing perfection of the martial arts.

However the knowledge of the Jedi almost vanished when Blackmoor was destroyed. But some Jedi were able to escape or were away from there native homeland and have since taught there skill and the knowledge has survived to the present


Race: any

Alignments Allowed: lawful good, neutral good, lawful neutral

Minimum Ability Scores: wisdom 16, Constitution 15, Dexterity 12, Intelligence 9

Prime Requisite: wisdom, constitution.

The Jedi are a group trained in manipulating the auras of life in every living thing which is commonly called the Force, this is how they able to gain there unnatural powers. Through the use of rigorous an horrifically long training (starting form the age of 5 and no later than 8) they are able to focus the Force to enhance their metabolism, physic powers, and virtually any others. The Jedi later in his training are given (or some times set on quests) to build what is called a light sabre, these items are very powerful and were originally constructed in Blackmoor, not only is it hard to build one of light sabre's it is extremely hard to acquire the materials such as adamant however once constructed it is ultimately the most powerful weapon a man will ever see.

This all combines for a ultimate character that fights to bring balance to the world. This power does not go unwatched however there is a council of Jedi Masters centred in Thyatis City any inappropriate uses of this power is met with severe reprimand and at the worst death at the hands of the Jedi. Also Jedi are typically called upon to act as diplomats, elite guards, and if the cause is just some times elite soldiers in a war (the war must be causing a great unbalance in the Force), this of course must be approved by the Jedi council first.


Before one can become trained he must be natural attuned to the Force (for gaming purposes a wild psychic talent) or the person will not be trained.

A Jedi must follow codes of dress (brown outer robe white inner robe although other things can be worn underneath.

A Jedi must tithe 10% to the Jedi Council from his yearly income.

The Jedi must do anything dictated by Council and must obey any requests and objections etc. etc. even in his personal life, also no secrets may be kept from the council even those concerning personal affairs.

Once a Jedi has built his own light sabre he may not where any armour containing metal except studded leather. If this is not followed there is a certain chance (see charts) per turn that the light sabre will malfunction due to magnetic fields, note this also includes other large fields (walls of iron) within 5 feet of the handle.

If the character were to do a chaotic act he will be severely reprimand and may be put under house arrest for a period of time. If he were to commit a evil act then he will be a marked man to the council with all available Jedi on his tail!

At 2nd level he gains ability to manipulate the Force (for gaming purposes he gains psychic ability equal to 1st level, and every 2 levels after gains one level of Force manipulation (1 psionic level) i.e. 4 level Jedi=2 level control of the force, 6=3, 8=4 etc. etc. etc.

Sometime after the character receives 5th level the person will be sent on a quest (or if lucky given to him) for instructions to build his light sabre (typically these can be found in Blackmoorian ruins), but even harder are finding the materials to be used in it. If the character does not build his own he cannot gain full benefits normally given to him for his class.

The Jedi must be trained in a special form of hand to hand combat (i.e. karate not just punching or kicking)

The Jedi is only allowed certain Force powers (psionic).

Gains 1d10 hp per lvl.

Benefits from a +1 reaction to all good aligned characters and -2 to evil characters.

Jedi have access to warrior proficiency group for no extra.

The Jedi must spend at least 2 proficiencies on his light sabre, one to specialise and one to gain the bonus's open only to the Jedi Class.

New Jedi proficiencies

Weapon Proficiencies:

Light Sabre 2 slots (: Once this is acquired the user gains the knowledge to operate the light sabre, properly wield it in combat, and how to take care of the light sabre

Non Weapon Proficiencies:

Light Sabre Construction 3 slots (INT -3): Once the right teaching instruments are found(very rare) and studied the student gains the knowledge of how to construct light sabres! The student then knows the correct materials needed, the proper way to assemble it and the ways of doing so.

Sabre Shielding 1 slot (NOTE: only Jedi's can make use this proficiencies): The Jedi with this knowledge is allowed to use his sabre to shield himself in combat! For every slot spent (to a maximum of 3) the Jedi can block 2 mêlée and 4 missile attacks completely as long as they are coming from the front or sides (note: the weapons may not be magical or made of Adamant) of the user.

Tables, Lists and Charts

official titles set forth by the Jedi Council

lvl 0-1: Novice lvl 2-4: Padawin lvl 5-8: Master Apprentice

lvl 9-19: Jedi Knight 20-36: Jedi Master

Abilities needed/gained per level title

Novice: requires the person to be attuned to the Force (wild psionic talent). Padawin: they able to manipulate the Force(gain full psionic powers). Master Apprentice: is required to start his quest to acquire and construct a light sabre. Jedi Knight: may take a apprentice to train (with the approval of the Jedi Council). Jedi Master: may spend force using half the normal cost (half amount of psp points required for each psionic ability) and while although not required typically Master toss away there sabre's for they are no longer needed as there power is far past any man made item.

Saving Throws

Novice (1): PPDM: 13, RSW: 16, PP: 14, B: 16, S: 15
Padawin: PPDM: 12, RSW: 15, PP: 13, B: 15, S: 14
Master Apprentice: PPDM: 10, RSW: 11, B: 13, S: 12
Jedi Knight (9-14): PPDM: 8, RSW: 9, B: 11, S: 10
Jedi Knight (15-19): PPDM: 7, RSW: 8, B: 10, S:9
Jedi Master: PPDM: 4, RSW: 5, B: 7, S:6

Total Proficiency Slots

Padawin: W:2 NW:5
Padawin: W:3 NW:6
Master Apprentice: W:5 NW:8
Jedi Knight (9-14): W:6 NW:9
Jedi Knight (15-19): W:7 NW:10
Jedi Master: W:8 NW:12

Attacks per Round

Novice-Padawin: 1/1
Master Apprentice: 3/2
Jedi Knight:2/1

Note: when wielding his own light sabre he gains an additional attack per round (if he proficiencies in it).

Weapons Allowed

Long Bow
Bastard Sword
Quarter Staff

Experience Levels are identical to Paladins.

For Force Manipulation cost (PSP) add ability scores+10 per level for each day.

Force Powers (psionic abilities) allowed

Force Sight (aka Aura Sight)
Poison Sense
Project Force
Control Light
Control Sound
Control Wind
Create Object
Adrenaline Control
Body Control
Heightened Senses
Conceal Thoughts

New Force Powers (psionic powers)

Create Sound
P.K. Science
Range: 40 yrd
Prerequisite: telekinesis

makes a noise out of thin air


6 a drop of a coin, snapping of fingers

5 the growl of a dog, a conversation

4 roar of a lion, busy bar room

3 a stampede of animals, the collapsing of a building

Draw Force
P.M. devotion
PSP: 5/2
Range: self

manipulating the force to give you "luck". These bonus's are to virtually anything except scores (strength etc., THAC0) i.e. proficiency rolls, a distance some one jumps


5 +1, +5%, x2

4 +2, +10%, x3

3 +3, +15%, x4

2 +2, +20%, x5

1 +1, +25%, x6

Sooth Say
T.P. Science
PSP: 6+/3+
Range: 10ft
Area of Effect: *special*

The victim is influenced to do whatever the Jedi say. Afterwards the victim does not know what happened during that time(draws a blank). Effects all people within 10ft except those attuned to the force. The Jedi can say no more than 10 words, the Jedi is talking for the person his eyes are looking at and as such the victim obeys his own command (if any) as long as normally possible.